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Kay SAV has the ability to intellectually discuss the pain and anger of the inner city, express the confusion that comes with relationships, all while still being able to "turn up".


Kay SAV is a 22 year old hip hop artist with a split upbringing in New Jersey and Chicago. He expresses a lot of truth and passion in his songs, and has one of the most diverse sounds and styles in music. The diversity in his flow, as well as his subject matter, is what separates him from other artists.

Influenced by: Eminem, Outkast, Jay-Z, Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco

Kay SAV has been featured in many hip hop publications nationally and internationally including: Rap Dose, Atrilli, Indie 360 Magazine, Death Chamberz, Adra-Matic, Leftover Cake, Hip Hop Headquarters and many more.

Kay SAV brings alot of energy and intensity to the stage, ensuring that his audience has the time of their lives. Some of the many venues he has performed include: Club 512 in Austin, TX, The Pyramid Club in New York, New York, The Atrium in Atlanta, GA and a host of others.


Singles along with individual descriptions by Kay SAV:

STUCK: https://soundcloud.com/kaysav/stuck-feat-tah-g-ali

"Every individual has dual personalities. The personality we exhibit when completely sober, and the personality we show when under the influence. The personalities of those under the influence, vary just as much as those sober. Some people become violent, some become mellow, and some don't even provide the time for a character assessment because they fall asleep. STUCK highlights a few of these personalities as well as the feelings that encompass them. Possessing a feel good sound while showcasing the no filter, middle finger to the world mentality that comes with being under the influence, STUCK provides insight into the mind of one who is "Turnt Up". So after a night of partying, your friend says "Your acting different" reply..."I'm STUCK"

Things Change: https://soundcloud.com/kaysav/things-change

"Our ability to recognize, and then alter, is what makes us as human beings special. To change things, when we see they're at fault, whether that be us as individuals or the world that surrounds. Things Change represents the ability to recognize our own self-deficiencies, and then utilizing that knowledge to help others still stuck in our previous mindset. It is the "been there, done that" conversation to those unaware that our actions have consequences we must live with...But still providing hope that things will one day get better...We just have to persevere."

Vibe Wit ME: https://soundcloud.com/kaysav/vibe-wit-me

"Success is a dream that many chase, but few seldom achieve. Even less get to experience the true joy of success, and that is being able to share it with someone they cherish. Many opportunities for this companionship come along, but few are true in nature. We as "success seekers" spend the majority of our time in skepticism, unable to immediately see the true beauty of an individual, because so many are bombarded with bullshit. Vibe Wit ME is a reflection of this skepticism, asking the questions we often contemplate, but rarely cross our lips. Are you a ride or die? Will you be with me through thick & thin? Can you Vibe Wit ME?"

Set List

Things Change
Tie Em Up
Hang Low
Vibe Wit ME