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Its all about finding that groovy sound mixed with memory


Kaytranada combines head-bobbin elements of electro-house pump with the laid-back beats for toking in your lounge. His albums are each a unique, rich, and textured experience with very little emcee interference — it’s real hip-hop, beats to soothe your soul.

I believe some of the lo-fi harmonies have been known to melt panties right off.

Kaytranada, like most poducer of his generation his influence by J. Dilla, Madlib, Justice, Neptunes and disco-funk that his parents used to listen during his childhood.


Kaytra Thomas (2012)
Kaytrap (July 2012)
MOCKAY (Mars 2012)
Kaytra Nada (Frebruary 2012)
Remixes Vol. 1 (January 2012)
Massively Massive (December 2011)
Kaytra LaBoom (August 2011)
Merrymaking Music (June 2011)
Long Distance (April 2011)
Kaytra Da Mouse (Mars 2011)
KAYOZ (Mars 2011)
TERIPHIKNESS (December 2010)
Good Friends (August 2010)