Holt, Michigan, USA
BandHip HopR&B

in a small amount of words to describe my music would be "ITS SIMPLY ME". im an EASY to get along with person so it will be EASY to love my music.



Song writer/rapper/producer My name is Cameron Atwood a.k.a Kayz. I’m from Lansing MI born and raised born January 7,1989. What I would say about my music is that it expresses my character, and you get nothing but the truth. Basically my music represent who I am as a person and how I feel. I love to make music for people to dance to and also make it according to people that may be struggling in life or just even love songs. I like to be diverse. I would also like to help build a bridge in between different genres so the world can open up to all sounds.

At the moment I cant quite compare my music to other artist or as a sound just yet but I also don’t want to sound too much like the next. I would rather for my audience to determine my placement. As far as influences goes, on the business sense, I’m more driven by the likes of P.Diddy, Jay-z, Cash Money and also Master P. I like the way they conduct business. As far as artist goes I like Tupac, Ludacris, Eminem, and Lil Wayne just to name a few.

In a sense I get my drive to entertain from my grandfather. Him and his brothers use to sing as a group and perform, so in a way I feel like I’ve got that passion for music from him. Its just in my blood to satisfy


recently have produced a mixtape "BIG BIZNESS" which was released jan 1, 2011. with singles that include "BUBBLE GUM" "WHATS YA NAME" & also "IM RITE HERE". i currently hold over 100 subscribers on youtube with over 50,000 video views and counting.