Kazai Rex

Kazai Rex

 Los Angeles, California, USA

The five close-knit members of Kazai Rex love to play music and aren't too cool to show it. They believe in the songs they write and refuse to hide behind trend or persona. The fun they have together is contagious. They've left sweat and (occasionally) blood on stages all over California.


Kazai Rex was founded in late 2005 by Danny Langa, Austin Bauer, and Dominick Duhamel in a small, windowless room on the ground floor of a UCLA dormitory high-rise. Stacey Capoot and John Higgins joined the group in early 2006 and the five quickly proved to be inseparable. Leaving their humble birthplace behind them, Kazai Rex has since become a fixture in the Los Angeles music scene: they’ve played shows in the city’s most celebrated independent venues, won over a slew of new fans with their passionate performances, received attention from a variety of local and national media, and have worked tirelessly to foster the sort of musical community that they believe is essential to the success of independent music in the twenty-first century.

Kazai Rex can be difficult to pin down musically—some are reminded of Spoon, some of Rilo Kiley; others hear notes of sixties psychedelia or retro boy-girl groups; certain fans have even referred to bands as diverse as Yo La Tengo, X, and the B-52s. Though the band prefers to avoid the pigeonholes of genre, there are nevertheless certain principles on which the group operates. They strive always to serve the song, putting the desires of individual members and fleeting music trends aside during their writing process. They take their music seriously but remember that having fun and being open-minded are equally important. They consider success to be something achieved not commercially but by making good music and finding ears that connect with it. They believe that a live show should be an energetic, organic extension of their written work and not simply its performance. They believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. They believe that if they love their music that others will too.

The last year has been especially good to Kazai Rex. Their steady live schedule has taken them through Spaceland, Silverlake Lounge, The Unknown Theater, Echo Curio, and Synchronicity Space and has landed them on bills with rising local acts LA Font, The Body Parts, Bikos, and Latin Meds. They receive regular radio play on KXLU Los Angeles and in early October were invited to play a full live set on air. Their song “Home Away From Home” was included on the Radioplay Rock Express and Radioplay Euro Express compilation albums in May 2010, and has been played on radio stations across the US as well as several in Europe. Kazai Rex has also been able to play shows and gain followings in both Long Beach and San Diego, thanks in part to radio support in those cities.


Lester Bangs the Drum (EP, 2007)
"She's Already Gone" (Single, 2009)
Juggling Snakes (LP, 2010)
Untitled Full-length (Forthcoming, 2011)

Several songs from "Juggling Snakes" (including "Home Away From Home," "Trigger Button (Crazy Girl)," and "This is the House") have received regular airplay on FM radio stations in Los Angeles, Long Beach, San Diego, and Berkeley, including KXLU Los Angeles and KCTY Long Beach. "Home Away From Home" has been played on WRAS Atlanta and several radio stations in Europe.

Set List

Our average setlist is around 45 minutes long and, while our sets are rarely the same from night to night, a good example might be the following:

Thought of the Sea
Trigger Button (Crazy Girl)
Know the Answers
Are We Young?
Feed the Hungry
Denim and Leather
Hurricane Drum
This is the Church
We Are Not People