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Kaze is a dynamic emcee bridging the gap between "underground" & "commercial" hip hop. His latest album with producer 9th Wonder (Jay-Z, Destiny's Child, Little Brother), "Spirit Of '94: Version 9.0" has received excellent praise. The single from the album reached #1 on the college charts.

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"Last Laugh" 12" single (Brick Records)
"Spirit Of '94: version 9.0" CD/LP (Brick Records)
"50/50 Amp (remix)" 12" single (Brick Records)
"On" 12" single (Vintage Music/Soul Dojo Inc)
"Enemy Of The State" mix cd (Soul Dojo Inc)
"50/50 Amp" 12" single (Soul Dojo Inc)
"Spirit Of '94" CD (Soul Dojo Inc)

Set List

normal set 30 minutes