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Memphis, Tennessee, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Memphis, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Band Rock Alternative




"Over 10,00 Fans Attend Winter SacAnime"

Live music was provided by popular SacAnime performers Kazha. Who had released their newest CD Evolution. Kazha recently changed their lineup a little as Kazuha Oda did her usual lead vocals and also played bass. SacAnime was the first time she’s played bass in front of a crowd. Joining Oda on stage was Hideki Matsushige on guitar and Masaya Kondo on drums. - Sacramento Press

"Getting to Know Kazuha Oda"

I recently had the privilege to sit down and have a conversation with Kazuha about her band's music. A fellow contributor had written up a nice profile about the band earlier this year, which can be found here: Kazha

I thought the members of EWT would appreciate an exposure to what makes the band rock out. So here we go.

EWT: What/where has been your favorite performance so far on your tour in the U.S. and why was it so special?

Kazha: Battle of the bands in Michigan. I never had an experience to win the battle, but we actually won! It was one of the most pleasantly surprising things to happen to us!

EWT: Which song on your album took the most effort out of you in terms of writing it? Was it because there was a story behind it or was it more technically/musically difficult to create/perform?

Kazha: That would be "Unmei". Maybe just because it was the first song I made for this band. I used the theme from one of my old songs. Even though I have sung that song for a long time, I have never released it in any albums or singles so I decided to have it for the band Kazha. And also, the reason it took the most effort out of me was that it was originally all in Japanese and so I had to rewrite most of it.

EWT: What has been the most challenging part of your journey in your music career?

Kazha: Putting the band together. And touring the world.

EWT:If you had one piece of advice for other musicians that are attempting to break out in the industry, what would it be?

Kazha: mmm....just, never give up....? I am actually the one that wants some advice!

EWT: If you could perform with one artist/band of your choosing, who would it be?

Kazha: It is very hard to choose one.... but maybe Extreme or Kiss.

EWT: What is your creative process like for song writing? Do you write the lyrics first after being inspired, or do you just jam together as a band and start hammering out a melody before putting lyrics to the songs?

Kazha: Oh, we never jam when we write. There are two methods we always take, 1-I (Kazuha) write the lyrics and melody at the same time and then give it to Hideki to put the background (arrangements) in. Or, 2-Hideki writes background first and then I put the melody and lyrics, and after that he adds additional arrangements.

EWT: It seems that the music of your band can not be really categorized into one genre. Do you like this or is your band's aim to be identified with a certain genre?

Kazha: Oh, we usually take ourselves as a ROCK band. But maybe because we have been through different genres (until now), it appears in our music. To tell you the truth, I don't like to be categorized in a genre because that narrows the fan base, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be ROCK.

EWT: Have there been any bands that your band's sound/music has been compared to?

Kazha: No, I don't think so.

EWT: What do you think of the music industry here in the U.S. as opposed to the music industry in Japan? Are there significant differences in the way artists are discovered, promoted, marketed and etc.?

Kazha: I haven't really seen the way it works in US yet so I am not sure, but I feel that in the US, everything is more open for the new artists. It is sad but in Japan, there are not enough opportunities unless you are already famous.

EWT: Does your music have a specific message for the audience?

Kazha: Every song has a different theme. Because everybody(audience) has their own thoughts or mind, I want them to listen and feel how they want. So I prefer putting a theme in my music rather than a message.

EWT: Do you have anything you would like to say to the community at EWT?

Kazha: I think most of the people don't know us so I just want to say "Hi", "Nice to meet you" and...."Thanks for checking us out!"

EWT: Thank you very much for your time! - EastWestTribe

"Kazha comes to Boulder on June 22"

Kazuha Oda may have sang pop music, but rock is in her blood.

Oda was a solo pop artist in Japan during the first half of this past decade and released four albums through the course of her career. But having been a fan of groups such as Van Halen, Green Day and The Smashing Pumpkins growing up, she had to answer the true sound residing inside her.

"When I started singing when I was a little kid, I wanted to be a rock singer," she said. " ... For some reason, because my parents told me if I wanted to become a singer, I should learn from the beginning, so I took classic lessons.

"I just went to classic and pop, but actually I wanted to become a rock singer."

Now with the rock band Kazha – whose moniker takes from her name – the group embarked on its first cross-country tour in May. The last leg will be at 7:30 p.m. on June 22 at the Rock N Soul Cafe in Boulder.

The band's sound is predominantly rock, mixing Oda's sweet vocals with Hideki Matsushige's guitar riffs, Yota Sato's bass lines and drummer Rui Aranai's rhythms. A unique aspect of the band's music is its transition between English to Japanese in their songs. Oda said that while some of the lyrics needed to be in Japanese, she wanted to appeal to a more global audience with the use of English.

The group formed in 2008 in Los Angeles when Oda and Matsushige – who had both been in a metal band at the time – decided to start their own project.

"We wanted to start a new band because the music style wasn't what we were thinking about," she said.

They teamed with bassist Zen Takamura, and traveled to Japan to find Aranai to complete the band. Sato would later replace Takamura because of health reasons.

The members' eclectic musical backgrounds – from Matsushige's love of rock and fusion to Rui's R&B and jazz – lent to different genre variations on certain songs off their debut album, Overture.

"Our performance has a unique style because everyone is from different genres," Oda said. "So the way they play or perform is really different from each other."

Making the long trek from Los Angeles to the east coast and back is tiring, Oda admits, but she said it is a fun way to explore the country. She added that this is her first trip to Colorado, but the group will return to play at Nan Desu Kan in Sept. 10.

"Sometimes it's exhausting," Oda said about the tour. "We could get really tired sometimes and we just have to perform. And right after the performance, we just have to drive, sometimes 24 hours or more.

"We are having a great time because most of the states, we have never been in. ... It's a great adventure for us." - Asia Xpress

"Kazha Interview"

"Hideki is just really good at interplaying with my melodies. I was very impressed and actually cried when I listened to his work on Another Day." - Kazuha Oda

When the vocals of one artist flow perfectly with the sounds of the guitar, bass and drums of a band you have found something that no amount of corporate backing can create -- magic. We've heard a lot of that magic in songs like Close To You, I Still Remember and Another Day from the group Kazha. Composed of Kazuha Oda on vocals, Hideki Matsushige on guitar, Yota Sato on bass and Rui Aranai on drums, this new group released their first album "Overture" in 2010 and are currently touring the US.

With music that is both elegant and emotional, we think this new band may well be making some major waves in the near future.

On June 3, 2010 the members of Kazha were kind enough to give an interview to Andrew from J-Pop World. All photos courtesy of Kazha.

You're in the middle of a long tour of the US. How have the shows been going so far?

Kazuha Oda: We are having a great time. We are visiting many cities which we've never been to so it definitely will be one of the greatest ventures for us.

Is this the first time all of you have toured together? Are you learning things about each other you never knew before?

Kazuha: Yes, it is. And we are learning lots of things about each other, mostly the habits :) both good and bad.

Your former bassist "Zen" was recently replaced by Yota Sato. Yota, can you tell us how things are going as the newest band member?

Yota Sato: I think there are many things I can do no matter if I'm new or old so I've never really thought about that, but I am learning lots of things from band members and trying to build my solid basis in the band.

Do you have any rituals you all do before each performance?
Kazuha: Hmm... it's secret.

What has been the most unexpected thing to happen on the tour so far?

Kazuha: We all love American foods but we all got sick from eating too much hamburger the other day.

Have you had any "favorite moments"?

Kazuha: When we are driving. The view is just great.

Once the last show is finished what do you plan to do next?

Kazuha: We'll just plan the next tour!

Your album "Overture" is now available at CD Baby. How big of a moment was completing all the songs for everyone?

Kazuha: We were all very serious most of the time just because we knew that it was going to be the introduction of our music.

How would you describe the album's musical style?

Kazuha: Soft and Heavy.

Close To You really leaps out as a signature song. Can you tell us what the song is about and what it means to you?

Kazuha: It is about the people who are close to us, like family, friends or our fans. When I wrote that song, I was thinking about my family. Since I've lived far from them for most of my life until now, I sometimes miss them so much but I've never felt lonely because I always feel them close to me.

With the song, I wanted to express how people are connected and how strong the relationship could be.

The interchange between the vocals and guitar work is very smooth and powerful. Can you tell us something about writing and recording the song as well?

Kazuha: Since I started this band with Hideki, I had this idea that we should feature not only the vocal but also the guitar. Because I believe he could be a legend. :) And my vocal style and his guitar style is opposite but very close in some ways.

I Still Remember has a more melancholy feel to it. Can you tell us more about the song and its origin?

Kazuha: I used to have this nightmare when I lived in the huge house in LA , and I kept having a similar experience the very next day... That's about when I wrote I Still Remember. But for some reason, I stopped having that nightmare after the song was complete.

The guitar work on Another Day also shows a masterful interplay with the vocals. Can you tell us something about the song we may not know?

Kazuha: Hideki is just really good at interplaying with my melodies. I was very impressed and actually cried when I listened to his work on Another Day.

Can you give us a feel for what the writing and recording sessions for "Overture" were like?

Kazuha: We were always so excited maybe just because it was the first time for all of us to work together.

Tell us the story of how the band formed.

Kazuha: I used to perform with lots of musicians. But when I happened to perform with Hideki, I just had this idea that my songwriting could be better if I work with him. Before we started "Kazha", we used to sign with the label in LA and after we started, we went back to Japan to see other musicians.

What other groups or projects was everyone in before joining up?

Kazuha: I used to be a solo singer and have played with many great players.

Hideki Matsushige: Hmmm... don't remember. :)

Yota: I used to play in bands of other genres such as Alternative, Pop, Irish and Funk.

Rui Aranai: Rock band.

What are the band's plans for the rest of the year?

Kazuha: We will perform at some conventions in US and Mexico, and we might plan some Europe tour as well.

Let's get to know everyone a little more. Can you each tell us about your hometown and what it was like growing up there?

Kazuha: I have 3 hometowns. One is in Brazil (Sao Paulo), one in Japan (Chigasaki) and in US (New York). Even though I had some hard times between those cultural differences, I had great experience and opportunity to learn lots of things.

Hideki: I grew up in a big city "Osaka". Because there were both good things and bad things, I've lived a very difficult childhood. So I became so tough!

Yota: I am from the countryside of Tokyo. But it still has both country and urban side of the city. It is very beautiful which I miss a lot.

Rui: I grew up in the north part of Japan which always had a snow. Because I still have so many good friends there it is very important for me.

How did you first get into music?

Kazuha: I don't remember when or how but my parents told me that I was already singing when I was three.

Hideki: My aunt always brought me the tape of the newest hit songs. That is the reason I started listening to the music.

Yota: I was tone-deaf and I hated people telling me that I am... So I started playing instruments.

Rui: My Father had lots of LPs so I used to listen to them. Also, he gave me the cassette player and I loved it.

How did you pick the type of instrument you play?

Kazuha: I don't even remember... but like I said my mom told me that I started singing when I was three or four years old. I loved singing since then. Oh, but to be honest, I love being a princess... a singer could be a princess sometimes, especially when other band members are all gentleman. :) haha

Hideki: My father used to play the guitar so there was a guitar at my house. It was just natural that I choose guitar besides any other instruments.

Yota: I was 14, I started playing bass to start my first band. Before that, my brother gave me a guitar but I wasn't satisfied with playing it but when I started playing bass, I was so shocked with the experience I just played all day all night... I didn't even go to school sometimes :).

Rui: I started playing drums when I was 13. I don't know why but I loved playing any percussions, it didn't matter if it was a drums or something else. But the first reason I started drums was because my friend started playing guitar. I chose drums for no reason. Even when I don't have drums in front of me, I just used anything, magazines or garbage cans to practice.

What do your family and friends think of your musical activities?

Kazuha: They all support me and waiting for me to be big :)

Hideki: Everybody is happy about it. And they all love our music.

Yota: My parents tell me that I have to challenge whatever I can to success.

Rui: Everybody is supporting me.

Who have been some of your greatest musical inspirations?

Kazuha: Carole King.

Hideki: Jerry Cantrell

Yota: The Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Hiromi Uehara, Joe Hisaishi.

Rui: Stevie Wonder.

Kazuha you've had a pretty international life so far. Can you give us the rundown on the different places you have lived, and what influences each of them has had on you.

Kazuha: From when I was 3 to 10 years old, I lived in Brazil (Sao Paulo). For me, it seemed that people there were so happy and positive all the time. I think my personality was made by them. I am a very, very happy person... I'm never in a bad mood, even in the morning:))

Through high school, I lived in USA (New York). I'd only listened to Japanese rock before I moved there, but my friends introduced me to some great rock bands in US and I suddenly thought those were the REAL rock! And I realized that I just needed to go out to see the world.

If you look at the world, there are so many people with different cultures. But in the relationship, sometimes the culture itself doesn't even matter at all. I love communicating with people who have different thoughts or habits because they teach me lots of things which I can never learn on my own.

And for me, I think that the greatest part of having an international life is that I can always realize that "the general idea" is not always so "general". Everybody has their own mind and you need to at least try to understand "them" first, because you already know yourself. And... I just don't know how much I should thank my parents for giving me such a great opportunity.

Outside of music what do you do for fun and relaxation?

Kazuha: For relaxation, I sleep... or just be lazy. But for fun, I love reading, writing or drawing.

Hideki: Fishing and cooking.

Yota: Taking pictures, drinking alcohol, playing video games... Oh, and talking to somebody makes me relax.

Rui: Skiing, riding bicycle and… drinking!

Do you have anything else you want to bring up or comment on?

Kazuha: Hmm... it seems like some people take us as a Visual band but we are not! Haha -- the guys made me say it.

Hideki: No. But if you have anything you want to ask, call me anytime. :)

Yota: I want to explore every kind of music while I am alive!

Rui: Eating is very important! haha

Do you have a final message to all your fans?

Kazuha: Thank you. And I love you all.

Hideki: Rock on! Have good rockin' days!

Yota: With anything, you will lose once you give up.

Rui: Don't miss it! (I don't know what it means but the guy in guitar center said it.) - J-Pop World

"Music is the World's Treasure - An Interview with Kazha"

Currently in the studio recording their first full album, Kazuha Oda of English-language Japanese band Kazha took a break from her busy schedule to answer some questions from The Last Doctor. Eager to return to the US, this band is on the verge of a breakthrough. Originally formed in Los Angeles by Kazuha, Hideki, and Zen in December of 2008, the band returned to their native land where they found Rui (drums) in July 2009 and they’ve been rockin’ it ever since, releasing their first EP, Breathe Through Your Dreams, in September. Taking part in major rock and metal festivals in Japan and Korea, Kazha is now more than ready to take on America. But is America ready for them?

What is your New Year’s Resolution?
Meet lots of people and find a good sponsor! We’ll tour US, Europe and… all over the world!!

With all the cities in the US, what drew you to Los Angeles?
We knew some people there and loved the weather.

How did you all originally meet?
We all met through the internet, like a “Finding Members” website.

Why did you decide to form the band?
I wanted to work with other musicians. I was a solo singer before but I found that creating music with other people is much more fun than doing it alone.

How was your tour in Korea?
We had a great time. It was the second time for most of us and we were so happy to be back there again.

You are currently in Japan working on your album. What can you tell us about it so far?
Well, it is actually going to be our first album. ^^ So it’s kind of like introducing us to the world.

Are you trying anything different from your previous material?
We tried to change the atomosphere by adding some different sounds like effects on guitar or bass.

Are there any specific themes you are exploring, either lyrically or musically?
LOVE. It could sound silly but I believe all music comes from love. I am not talking about just a “happy” love. Hate, anger or any other feelings come from love. I think that we all live with our thoughts and feelings. And those things created music in the first place.

How is the recording process proceeding so far?
Good! It is proceeding very smoothly so far.

When you do plan to release the new material?
Hopefully by March.

Any funny or interesting stories you can tell us?
There are too many funny stories so I don’t know which one to tell… but Rui’s face is the funniest thing of all! (laughs) ^^ You might see what I mean from the pics on our MySpace.

How do you approach creating new material?
It depends but most of the time I write melody and lyric at the same time.

Do you sometimes need to take a break and step away from a song and do something else for a bit? Do you ever get frustrated?
Oh yes… maybe like seven days a week. ^^ Just kidding. But I do, only when I am writing. Once I realize that I am getting frustrated, I would just stop and do something else.

When you are writing lyrics, do you let things come naturally or do you sometimes need to force yourself to sit down and focus?
I always let things come naturally. When I need to force myself, lyrics won’t be as good. So when it doesn’t come out naturally, I just stop trying and… try it again later. I think it’s just like talking to somebody. Like… even if you try to look sad, you won’t look sad. I always want people to feel my feelings so I try to write and express naturally.

As a Japanese band based in LA, do you plan to eventually songs fully in English?
I think I will keep writing in both languages but because English is the common language of the world, I will write mostly in English. Because I want everybody to understand. And Just because we want to go worldwide. ^^

Walk us through your typical day of a show.
Wake up 8 to 10 hours before the show. Have an excellent breakfast. (smiles) Then I go to the venue, have rehearsal or sound check… oh, right before that, I usually do some stretching and vocal exercises. Eat lunch or early dinner with members. And 3 hours before the show, I change outfits and get hair and make-up done with the make-up artist… while still doing the vocal exercises. Then when my make-up is ready… it’s show time!! (smiles)

How do you feel when you walk off the stage?
I feel so many ways… happy, delightful, sad… it depends, but mostly I feel relieved. ^^

Are you excited to get back to LA?
Yes, of course!

What is the first thing you want to do when you get back? In-N-Out?
Haha! How did you guess? Yes, In-N-Out. ^^

What do you hope to achieve in 2010?
Meet more fans and tour more places.

Why do you think the world needs music?
It heals us and also teaches us a lot of things. Music is the world’s treasure which we (humans) create. ^^

What does music say to you?
I think I can’t do or complete things all by myself and music tells me that I am not alone. - The Last Doctor

"Interview with Kazha"

Thank you Kazha for your free time on this interview!

1. For a start... you tell us something about your band... ^^

-We are Japanese who does rock band. We don't really call us as "J-rock" because we started in USA and we don't want to separate us from other countries. -

2. You are known band to the many parts of the world but... What were your beginnings in the world of music??? What was your onset of the music scene?

-Just wanted to express what I have.^^ Music is a life it self and singing is just like breathing.-

3. Was it your dream always to base band and move on the music scene?

-Yes, I was a solo singer before but I always wanted be in a band.-

4. Why did you chose this style of music? Who gave you motivation to play?

-Every members gathered from different genres as classic, metal, electric, R&B.... so we convine every style of music we have.
Each members are great musicians so I think that we give motivation each other.-

5. Why did you name the band decided Kazha?

-It is my name. Maybe because I was the reason to start this band...^^-

6. And what about you and concerts? would you like to play in Czech Republic? Where everywhere you would like to play in the future? Do you have some dreamt-of city where you didn't have a concert and you would like to play in the future? The first time you performed in front of an audience (when / where)

-Love to perform in every single countries in the world!^^
Myself, first time I performed was 1996 in America...when I was very young.
With this new band, it was in Japan, just a month ago!^^-

7. What influences you in your music and in your personal life?


-Family, friends and fans. There are no reason to do music without them.-

8. How old were you when you first played an instrument/wrote a song?

-I was 4 when I first sing and played piano.
And I was 15 when I first wrote a song.-

9. When making music, what's your #1 outstanding point?

-Melody, easy to remember ^^-

10. What means for you your instruments?

-It's just like breathing.-

11. If you could describe your fellow band members in one word what would it be?

-war buddy-

12. Who is your rival in the band?

-Hideki(the guitar)-

13. If you could be another member for one day, who would you choose? (reason)

-Hideki(the guitar) Because lots of girls go after him! ^^-

14. When you feel happy?

-When I am at the recording. and when I'm not doing anything...-

15. If you didn't become a musician, what do you think you would be doing at this time?


16. Something popular among the members...?

-hmm...talking about cooking. ^^ -

17. If you could have 3 wishes come true, what would you ask for?

-Never get fat even if I eat too much everyday.
Want to have a super power.
Choose and change my face everyday just like choosing what to wear.-

18. How you spend your days off?

-Just relax. Read and write.-

19. What would you say to yourself 10 years from now?

-Go slow. Just take it easy.-

20. Do you have some funny experiences in a band?

-Oh, there are too many and I can't tell them at once...
Everybody is funny...-

24. How you relieve stress when you are overwhelmed?

-Take a nap.-

22. Out of your own songs, the one that you like the most...

-Give It Away-

23. What has been on your mind / worried you recently?

-I eat a lot so I was little worried to get big. lol-

24. Something others say about you that makes you happy...

-When they tell me that they smile or laugh with reading emails from me.^^
I am happy if they are happy.-

25. Do you have favorite motto?

-Believe what you do and never give up.-

26. The interview is over... in conclusion... Do you have a message for your fans? ^^

-I want to thank every body. I am nothing without you! ^^- - Stars for the People Online

"What Con? Nan Desu Kan"

Nan Desu Kan maintains much of the charm and intimacy of smaller con, but includes elements that are generally only gleaned from the clout of big conventions. Staple events here include all the basic necessities: anime viewings, AMV contests, panels, games, and industry guest appearances. Among other very respectable guests and events this year, the cream of the line-up in my opinion was an appearance by famed mecha anime director Yasuhiro Imagawa and the bands Kazha and Echostream. - Anime Diet

"Kazha and Kiryu Live at Mirror Image Studios"

After Kiryu left the stage, it was time for Kazha. The band came out to little fanfare and promptly began their set with Wake Up. Vocalist Kazuha Oda, in an elegant dress, matched the powerful guitar and drums with her soaring, soft voice. For the next song, Believe, Hideki Matsushige delivered a bright guitar solo. During UNMEI, there was an instrumental break for Kazuha to take the spotlight and sing a capella. Her sweet voice was high and clear, and she impressed everyone with her range. With all eyes on her, Kazuha remained poised and graceful as she swayed slowly to the sensual melody.

Drummer Rui Aranai’s smashing solo signaled the band to play a few of their darker, more sinister songs. Kazuha’s operatic vocals during RED didn’t quite portray tortured agony, but rather conveyed the stark pain of loneliness. Then, after taking a short break for an MC, the band proceeded to close out their set with a few slower songs. Another Day, a light, jazz-flavored ballad, gave way to Breathe Through Your Dreams, a hard rock song that pounded inexorably at everyone’s senses like waves in a stormy sea.

Finishing with Give It Away, the band quietly left the stage, slipping away and leaving a sense of mysterious wonder behind.

Both Kiryu and Kazha speak English well and have no trouble interacting with the audience, which will contribute to their growing popularity overseas. While the two are as different as night and day – one vividly colorful, the other darkly sophisticated – it’s easy to see what they have in common: their love of music, and their love for their fans. And those two things are what make it so easy to fall in love with them.

Kazha set list:

01.Wake Up
02. Believe
04. Close To You
~drum solo~
05. I Still Remember
06. RED
07. Another Day
08. Breathe Through Your Dreams
09. Give It Away - JaME USA


Breath Through Your Dreams (EP) – September 2009

Overture (LP) – April 2010

      1. Wake Up          

      2. Believe       

      3. Unmei ~運命~          

      4. I Still Remember          

      5. Red      

      6. Give It Away          

      7. Another Day           

      8. Close To You         

      9. Breathe Through Your Dreams           

      10. Silver White Sunshine

I Still Remember (Single) – December 2010

Evolution (LP) – September 2013

      1. Wake Up II (Wake Me Up)      

      2. You Became the Light       

      3. Breathe Again        

      4. Face Your Fears          

      5. Forever Yours        

      6. One Hundred Years           

      7. Frozen        

      8. Break Into Pieces        

      9. Tomorrow        

      10. Blend & Fly



Originally from Japan, classically trained vocalist Kazuha Oda and hard rock guitarist Hideki Matsushige made their way overseas when their previous band was signed to a Los Angeles-based entertainment label. Under this same label, they formed Kazha. Following the release of their EP, Breathe Through Your Dreams, through major Japanese label Victor Entertainment in 2009, the band launched a small tour of Asia that Fall, appearing at some of the largest rock music festivals in Asia, including Metal Goddess in Japan and Fire Rock Festival at the Sangsangmadang Concert Hall in Korea, an event produced by the major labels of Korea. Soon after, they relocated to Los Angeles. Released in April 2010, Overture, their first album, proved to be just that: the beginning of something much bigger. Their American debut took place at San Francisco’s Asian Heritage Festival in May 2010, which also launched their first national tour, taking them from Los Angeles to Houston, Jacksonville, New York City, and Philadelphia before concluding in Boulder, Colorado. While on tour, Kazha won the Journey 21 Battle of the Bands in Holt, Michigan, winning studio time and an opening slot at After Fest 2010. They have twice been featured performers at Denver’s Dragon Boat Festival in 2011 and 2012 and, in 2011, had regular gigs at LA’s famous Whiskey A Go Go. Since 2011, they have continued to frequently perform at various Japanese culture events, travelling all over North America. In September 2013, Kazha released their second album, Evolution, an album appropriately named for the next phase of their story and is perfectly captured in the opening track “Wake Up II,” a sequel to critic favorite “Wake Up” off their freshman album. 2015 will serve as their chance to return to their indie rock roots, touring as a national act and establishing themselves as more than just a product of their heritage.

Band Members