Kazi The Blak

Kazi The Blak

 Chicago, Illinois, USA
BandHip HopSoul

If Curtis Mayfield came out as an MC, this is what he'd sound like. I have a "sound" and "vibe" that is all my own that keeps in line with the laws of "dope" music. To put it blunt THIS is "some other other". It's called "ILL NOISE"


Everybody who attends my shows says it's one of the BEST they've ever been to. I did a frat party one time(clips are on youtube) and I got it so crackin they tried to form a human wall to keep me from leaving the frat house because I set the stage on FIRE!!!!!!!I tap into the vibe of hotness-------ILL NOise covers a wide range of beats/music no matter the "style". Ill Noise is hot beats and hungry speech. I mold my music after John Watson Sr., Duke Ellington, Bird Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, Smokey Robinson, Holland-Dozier-Holland, James Brown, George Clinton, Gamble and Huff, Curtis Mayfield, Roy Ayers, and Barry White and the Love Unlimited Orchestra just to name a few(it's sooooooo many more). What do ALL these people have in common besides sounding great musically??????? THEIR OWN SOUND AND VIBE!!!!!! That's what I pattern my music after thus leading me to develop my OWN signature sound------"ILL NOISE"


BLaktalk---the Album(available on ITunes)
ABCs, Underground Railroad, and Letter to The Industry have ALL received radio airplay. All three are from this album.
I didn't list the past albums I did because this is the first one available online. The others I couldn't afford to even print up so I burned a blank disc and gave some away and sold the others. But I have a HUGE COLLECTION of songs.

Set List

My sets aren't done in the traditional way of song, break, song, break. Rather I do one continuous song for my whole set---whether it's 5 minutes or 2 hours. THis enables me to vibe off the crowd and get it pumpin'. MY DJ is ALWAYS switching the beat up which allows us to stay away from monotony. BUt never the same verse or hook twice!!!!!! I rock my shows like Busy Bee AND Kool MOe Dee put together----BUsy Bee for the get the crowd participating element and Kool Moe Dee for the hard lyrical with one liners element. THink KRS ONE meets Cab Calloway. I keep it HIP HOP and perform with a DJ. Two turntables and a microphone.