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Thrill Of Your Life

Written By: kaz Mitchell

I'm all lit up
Like a Catherine Wheel on a Friday night,
Ready to spin myself round one more time
Until I finally get it right.

The sparks are flying from me
Hell bent on having a good time.
Up and down on a roller coaster
Can't you see the world is all mine.

Come on for the ride of your life
Feel the world spinning round like never before.
Get set for the thrill of your life
you'll be dizzy from this I'm sure.
And you'll be back for more.

You're so addictive
I was hooked on you from the start.
The air I've always wanted to breathe
The seas I'd always dreamed I'd part.

Something so elusive and yet so absolutely real
Close enough to touch and yet
Impossible to steal.


When that feeling starts to dim
And all the fireworks are spent
Who'll be the first to chuck it in
And never look back on all it ment
Just say it was fun for a while.


My World Is Alright

Written By: Kaz Mitchell

Triggers that we pull are just a part of life
That lead us into dangers that we half adore
And in our reckless ways
Holding ourselves to ransom
Hoping that someone else will come along and take control.

Every hurtful word is only ever spoken
When the good things start to fall apart
And the magic spell is broken.
I'm not sure what I'm being sold
I just want to keep hood hold
Of a world that's alright.
My world is alright.

Every time we learn to love each other in different ways
Still we remain as strangers that pretended
You're talking me into things I know I can't control
But I keep holding on as if my life depended on it.


Someone Else For You

Written By: Kaz Mitchell

You're the accident my stars predicted
Sincd we collided, I've been this way inflicted.
I can't seem to stand on my own feet anymore.
I've lost my personality and the friends that went with it
You spun a web and I stepped into it
And nothings ever going to be as it was it before.

I only want to be the centre of your attention.
I want to be someone else for you.
All those things I said I'd done were only sheer invention
I want to be someone else for you.

I could walk away from you now with every conviction
I won't call again or be tempted by seduction
But you're number's engrained on my index finger.
My pre-occupation is with wasting my time
Here I am hanging on an engaged line
But still the temptation is always to linger.


Oh, I don't want to be real anymore
If you are a writer then turn me into fiction
If you are a painter then turn me into paint
Oh, I don't want to be real anymore
If you are a scientist then turn me into friction
If you are a singer then make me a lament.