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Behind Red

Written By: Angelo Zinna

Words waiting behind red — Not

Yesterday’s declarations are now broken

Final farewells once promised

Today, all these go unspoken


Side to side are broken streets

Without words, workers working their mechanical feats

Waiting, sealed up in this worn set of wheels

Its noon and yesterdays dreams are as good as high beams

We’re listening to an old tune climb

Impatiently she’s tapping out the time

When the signal arrives we’re rolling to say one more of those little goodbyes

Traveling down her lips recall each and every odd one

As if there were no shops to wallow for the stars, from the sun

She commands. “Don’t ease up — We can make it.”

I indulge, keeping the count alive

Driven to be on the open-road by five


Throwing the middle mirror to her side

She applies a new coat of red

Sardonically configuring my old words

“Forget the past — it’s as good as DEAD ”

I grin and return, 'That’s what I said.'


Her body supports “THIS IS IT ”

Half stopped, Half gone, and

Now I’m left alone to find my T-Bird a temporary home

{Inside the theater}

Proscenium, O' Proscenium, my love’s a fortnight from me. …an Ill-bred invader? NO not I. Unenlightened and drawing from vacuous beginnings — possibly. A clod? No, just vexed by this vixen, who not once, not twice, but three times promised this picture would be placed in the scrapbook of time.

Hear that harsh whisp chastise my soliloquy?

Suddenly these slender skins automatically take to fixtuating.

Four or five gather up some deity. Two or three fore stage wrangling away – only their postures for provocation. Apexual determinants aglow and your movement’s rake, slide – they command the fragile exposure of time.

Look here Proscenium - I’m slathered in sentimentality. One must never sever a mother’s love
Or remove every other word from Shakespeare’s work

Alone — separating you for love alone?

By my side would be an act, just a stand-in, a stage bereft of its showpiece

I’m writing you this note

Attaching it to your coat

I’m saying goodbye, goodbye Stephanie

I wouldn’t ask you if I could

No one should

So it’s Goodbye, one to many goodbyes

{Inside the T-Bird}

Outside the city happens so quickly

No need to count the numbers, just wheel on bye

Onto the open highway, it’s a distant shore I’m headed for

Gone and Left behind, time remains unbroken

Ahead of red, words are waiting to be spoken