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KB is persistent, talented and definetely hardworking and it shows through his lyrics and music.


He started rapping at age 13. The talent was passed down from his dad who was a dj. Influences would be his faith and belief in God, Dmx, Jadakiss and Nas for the truth they talk about. At first he had no clue what he was doing or wanted to go with the music, however motivation and persistence helped him build the talent that was born inside of him.

At the age of 14 he partnered up with a close friend named rba to record their first mix tape called Tha Session. It took about a month to complete and was recorded and mixed by dos productions, another friend who wanted to help with the project. At the end there were only 20 copies made and distributed to people in the neighbourhood and at school. A lot of people said he had a lot of work to do but knew that he had talent. At the time he called himself “jdogg” because he listened to a lot of dmx and wanted to follow in his foot steps.

As time passed by and at the age of 16 he was ready to work on a new project called On Tha Rise. At this time his lyrical skills had grown, delivery on tracks had grown and creativity to write interesting music that would catch the listener’s ear. He also changed his name to Kid Banga that fully represents his life style and what he does. A kid at heart and banga is another word of explaining how you create hot music. He also hooked up with a friend who had his own under ground label called illimitada records. With help from former partner rba and a couple of new people he knew from illimitada, KO Kid, kangel, chuckie akenz, p-mo. On Tha Rise was proven to be a big difference from Tha Session and even a bigger accomplishment by distributing 100 copies to everyone he knew in and out of school.

A little while after everything with illimitada records fell apart so everyone moved on and went their own ways. At this point in KB’s career he needed a change and motivation to get himself out there into the market. That change came on December 14th, 2003 when his brother died in a car crash. It opened a spark in his soul that allowed him to work and learn 100 times faster than he usually would. Everyday since his brother passed away he would write, freestyle and produce to become better and better at his craft. A year later (2004) he created his own group consisting of friends from his area called CPX Finest. He also hooked up with Drex Inkredible and Gavin to get free studio time at a studio called Inner City Visions a program dedicated to people who wanted to take their music to the next level. T-nyce and KB did most of the work when it came to producing and arranging the tracks.

In that summer of 2004 the two had produced a big hit called “We Hit Hard” for their first mix tape called “Hood Xperiment”. Paul Nguyen the ceo of jane-finch.com wanted to shoot a video for the track which became a complete success and started a buzz around the city about the group. A couple of months later the group recorded the 2nd mix tape called “Hood Xperiment volume 2” which was a good but the product was not marketed properly. A little while after their 2nd mix tape the group broke up because of conflict and lack of focus towards the 3rd project.

In 2005 KB continued on his journey and got a break when all his independent work and shows he did ended up getting some management and a mixtape duo that would give him the buzz he needed. The next project was men on business with artists such as cb, Obie, dolly, Taz and Duch as the managers from corporate street. KB did most of the producing, but again with certain conflicts a video for the single men on business, everything fell apart. The mix tape titled, “Welcome to the West End” still came out but it wasn’t the one to give KB the respect and reconigtion he was looking for. With hard work persistence and dedication he managed to work on a demo called “Persistence” that he released a year later in August 2006. The demo explains hard work and being persistent pays off.

Currently, KB is still promoting the demo and getting a lot of respect and exposure from it with the hit single “Impact” and a video done for the single by Sitha on jane-finch.com. “Focused and Ready” is the next project KB is working on which is due late December and already is highly anticipated on the underground rap scene. KB has also signed with his new family and team Krown Entertainment and he is expecting work to get done and opportunities to advance for himself in the music business.


August 2006 Persistence (Demo)
November 2004 Hood Xperiment volume 2
July 2004 Hood Xperiment
February 2003 On Tha Rise
August 2001 The Session

Set List

enough material for 35 minutes and possibly more.