KB Da Mixbreed

KB Da Mixbreed

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Lots of energy...Rael hip hop...Cali Rap with a Southern twist.. Gangsta Rock-Rap NRoll


I am really big on lyrics...whaty do i mean-well when i write i wanna be different then every other songwriter...i'm not tryna ryhme the last word of each bar..i wanna rhyme whole sentences..i wanna compound rhyme... & metophorically rhyme...I don't settle for less when im writing lyrics...I'm not shoppin at ross LOL...KB Da Mixbreed-I am a Houston Texas Rap artist...I recently just finished my album called Rap N Roll...a combination of rap n rock beats with tons of versitilty on each track...I've been writing music since 2004...i went on tour with Dope house records when i was 19....ive been writing and recording every since...My music influence would be ...People like 2 Pac Biggie Eminem Nas & Jay Z


Just finished my Rap N Roll album only need 3 more tracks mixed and mastered ...I will be uploading it on itunes next month...it is my first orignal album