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"Guns And Butter" J-Scrilla ft. K-Beta & XO (spun all over the world - both commercial stations and college and internet- and the video is in retail stores and bars all over the USA as part of a distribution package.)

"No Love" J-Scrilla ft. K-Beta, XO, Oddisee, Ra The MC, Wordsmith (Video on all major blogs and single was on many mixtapes and ind internet radio.)

"Rockstars" Kingpen Slim ft. K-Beta & XO (DC Radio spins on WKYS 93.9)

"I'm Bleeding" & "I'm Grateful" by K-Beta are both on djbooth.net and have recieved extraordinary praise and comments.



The DC Metro area is on the verge of breaking out in the Music & Entertainment industry, becoming a breeding ground for talented and motivated artists. Respectfully known as the “D.M.V” – The District, Maryland and Virginia consists of a rather large culturally diverse area of people who all share the love of Hip-Hop. Deriving from parts unknown to the majority of the hip-hop community comes an undeniable force with ferocious lyrics, a timeless style, and an astonishing work ethic that will surely pave way to a destined, prosperous future. The Microphone Monster, live and direct from the 703 area, it’s non other than K-Beta of Innerloop Records.

K-Beta is a solo rap artist but he moves as an army of one. By turning mere party goers and spectators into believers of his talents, the public ultimately have witnessed the “it” factor that few artists’ possess. When asked about his audiences’ reaction, K-Beta stated, “Everybody who hears my music is affected positively by it, I have been given a gift that I don’t fully understand most of the time. All I have to do is get up there and rap and people love it. Ask them.”

With a track record matched by few in the DC Region it’s hard to believe he began his career in 2004. Coming from Centreville, VA in an area known as The Meadows of Newgate, the road to his present day position and stature was full of tremendous road blocks that would cause any to forget about their dreams however he knew that his true passion was Hip-Hop. K-Beta has taken the last four years to sharpen and hone his skills by performing multiple times throughout the week in bars, clubs, or anywhere where a mic and crowd is present. Under the independent label Inner Loop Records, K-Beta has continuously released thought provoking tracks, MC party anthems and groundbreaking music that has placed him in a category far surpassed his fellow competitors. In his lyrics he articulates his ambition and intensity, “ I gotta keep it triflin’ & gritty / until I short circuit every open mic in the city / chasin’ fame like the coyote after the road runner / leavin’ the club with a pocket full of numbers.”

In 2006 K-Beta released “Nigger the Album” with a name as controversial as this you would never see him hesitate to promote this well thought-out compilation. Keep in mind this was long before any word of Nas’s yet to be released album by the same name. As one half of Black Irish, K-Beta has teamed up with friend & local burgeoning rap artist Sketch to release an album under the same name, which is highly anticipated by the duo’s faithful following.

His surroundings makes him arguably the most talented, hardest working, and most buzz worthy artists in an arena full of talented musicians waiting to be discovered. When met with the opportunity to listen to or come out to bear witness in person at a show, you can be sure to walk away convinced K-Beta has “It”; the most indescribable, elusive asset that you can only explain as “It”.

K-Beta has recently just completed the Capitol City Music Tour which featured XO, Kingpen Slim, K-Beta & Lola Munroe which was covered in the Washington Post, Examiner, mediatakeout.com & numerous blogs. Inner Loop Records is preparing to release K-Beta's first major release "Inglorious Beta" in March 2010 for free download. Videos for the album are going to be everywhere available including MTV. Please visit www.innerloopuncut.com to get all the current info on K-Beta and be sure to download his classic "89to09" mixtape mixed by DJ Alizay (Downloaded over 30,000 times.)