BandHip Hop

K-black "The truth"


it started back as far as 96 then kaos was in the midwest city of mpls,mn origanally from champgne,ill the quest for a music career was from the heart and payin dues is all part of the game k-black has 2 studio albums to his credit with a long string of singles as well as ghost writing,hooks,and production.Black's performing credits are in the high numbers he controls a crowd and gives it his all every time.influenced by a long list of hit makers such as dr.dre,cube,to biggie and pac as well as many old r&b acts the influences are heard in his music.His voice as well as flow is different and sets him apart from the rest a #1 draft pick in search of a major team in a major industry


Hustlers covention (Lp),And it don't stop(single)gained huge radio success in alot of midwest city's"My reality"also gained alot of success on midwest radio.Multiplicity(Lp),all around the world(single),currently "the wait is over mix cd"Push(single)and summer 2006 "Forced Entry"That's what's up"(single)push is currently receiving airplay on atl's hot 107.9 moring show with the A-team hot day rhyme

Set List

my sets vary from 5 mins to 1 hour and song list switch all the time keeping me fresh and ready