Kait Berreckman

Kait Berreckman


pop-coated, soul-infused, heartwarming folk.


With her genuine voice and a steady hand, kb marie shares moments of life that hope and yearn like crazy. She's been compared to a lot of people including Natalie Merchant, Jonatha Brooke, and even Jimmy Buffet. One venue owner described kb as "a mix between Joni Mitchell and Jewel with adventurous guitar playing, playful lyrics, and powerful vocals." But, according to her mother (and who would know her better?), kb sounds like kb.

A captivating and endearing performer, kb loves only one thing more than sharing her music with audiences big and small and that's writing that music. She's told friends and strangers that what this world needs is people who feel alive and kb feels most alive when she's writing. She's currently busy learning how to do that better and with more 7th chords at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Before she started at Berklee she was living and playing out in the prairie. Her song "Dreams of Flying" was featured on a Nebraska NPR show "Friday Live" in July of 2007. One other time in Nebraska, kb got on stage and played some songs and when she got off stage, Girlyman walked on. It was very cool and she hopes someone from Girlyman will read this and ask her to do it again. Also... one time kb played a song for Josh Ritter and he smiled at her. She would love it if this happened again as well.


The Beautiful Mistake EP - (2007) Out of print