kb noise is a high energy band that immediately makes any audiance get up and dance. We use catchy but thoughtful songwriting along with heady composition and fresh improvisation to draw in new fans and continuously engage our existing fanbase.


kb noise has been together since early 2006. The band was formed through an interesting set of circumstances. Bassist Mark Carson, and drummer Dave Cipriani had been playing together for years, yet neither had a serious project at the time. It wasn't untill mutual friend and guitarist Brian Lynch, got offered a gig based on original work he had released(he had no band at the time) that the three friends got together. Rounding out the sound was keyboardist Sam Hollis. However, after a departure from Sam in early 2007, kb noise recruited the help of Aaron Radder. Aaron played with kb noise for about a year before they parted ways. It was at that time that the band regrouped to asess their sound. It was at this time that they met virtuoso guitarist Chris Duddy through a mutual friend. He couldn't of been a better fit and easily transitioned into the role of lead guitar. Completing the band was Mason Wallack, a refreshingly original and accomplished keyboard player. This new version of the band is the best yet, with all the changes contributing to a more mature and natural collective sound. If you haven't seen them yet get yourself to a show, you will not be let down.


kb noise e.p.
kb noise live at center staging

Set List

Our sets change depending on the type of show. We can play 30-45min sets with 8-10 songs, or we can play 3 1hr sets, the longer the show, the more improvisation in our songs. We have a catalogue of 50+ originals, in addition to covers. we typically play one cover per set. Our covers include Life During Wartime - Talking Heads, Where Its At - Beck, Fame - David Bowie, Around the World & Da Funk - Daft Punk, Dogs - Pink Floyd, and Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin, and others.