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“Jackson Street Demos” w/ Chub Carrier - Feeb Records 2000-1
“Lost” Purple Violets Soundtrack” - Feeb Records - 2006
“kBRANDOW” self titled - Feeb Records - 2006 “iTunes Exclusive Sessions w/ Gordon” Brislawn - Feeb Records 2007
“Spirit Rock” Feeb Records - set for release early 2009

“Humungous” Fungo Mungo - Island Records 1992
“Hella-Bad” Fungo Mungo w/ Andy Taub - Unreleased 1995
“The Hopeless Romantic” Damion Gallegos - Independent 1995
“Mrs. Priddy” Damion Gallegos - Independent 1996
“Experience” Damion Gallegos w/ Adrian Burly & Emerson Cardenas-Independent 1997
“The $6000 Demo” Damion Gallegos Experience W/ Adrian Burley & Emerson Cardenas - RED ANT RECORDS - 1997
“One” Damion Gallegos Experience W/ Adrian Burley & Emerson Cardenas - 1996-7
8 Tracks Fern St. aka “Chicken Hawk” Studios - 1998
“Haiku De Tat” Damion Gallegos - Ocean Floor Records 1998
“Mega-Natural Sessions” Damion Gallegos w/ Jeff RJF’ski - Orion 1998
“SRS Sessions EP” w/ Erik Smyth & Wishbone - Independent 1999
“The Expression Session” w/ Erik Smyth Independent 1999
“Punk Rock Belt” single Damion Gallegos - Feeb Records 2005

“Reactivate” RKL - Epitaph Records 1992
“Going Down” Crash Landing Independent - 2004
“9 Impossible Proofs” Austin Willacy - Antebellum Records 2006
“Brian Hill Quartet” Independent - 2007

“Live at Slims” The Mo’fessionals - Independent - 1992
“Finally Over” The Mo’fessionals - Independent - 1995
“Bohemian Rhapsody” The Braids - Cappella - 1996

KAI ECKHARDT (summary of 100+ credits)
“The sky is the limit“ Alphonse Mouzon - 1986
“Torsten de Winkel Mastertouch & Steve Smith’s Vital Information”
Fiafiaga - VeraBra 1986
“Mike Gibbs Big Music“ - Columbia 1988
“Bass Talk 1,2 & 3” - Virgin 1989-1993
“From me to you” Tom Coster - Hot Wire 1990
“Live @ Royal Festival Hall” & “Que Alegria” John Mc Laughlin Trio Headfirst 1992
“Warren Hill Devotion” - Verve 1993
“Clarence Clemmons Peacemaker” - BMG 1995
“Richard S. & the Vibe Tribe Cool Shoes” - Sony 1995
“Aras” - Curandero (feat. Bela Fleck) - PolyGram 1996
“The Search” Gregory James & Kai Eckhardt - Lipstick 1998
“Reincarnation” Gregory James - Rogue Records 2001
“Anyu” with Bob Moses - Rogue Records 1998
“Missisisppi Knights” Billy Cobham - Bamboo Records 1998
“African Fantasy” Trilok Gurtu - Wenlock Records 2000
“Honour Simplicity, Respect the Flow” Kai Eckhardt - Independent 2000
“Summit” George Brooks & Zakir Hussain - Tone Center 2002
“Colours” James Robinson - Moment Records 2003
“I’m in the right track” Zigaboo Modeliste - Harmonized Records 2004
“Mysterious Voyages” A Tribute to Weather Report - JZM Records 2005
“Visions of an Inner Mounting Apocalypse” Mahavishnu Tribute ESC Records 2005
(additional Garaj Mahal Credits listed below)

ERIC LEVY (w/ Kai Eckhardt)
“Garaj Mahal Live” Vol. 1,2, & 3 - Harmonized Records - 2003 
“Mondo Garaj” Garaj Mahal - Harmonized Records  - 2003 
“Blueberry Cave” Garaj Mahal Harmonized Records - 2005 
“Woot” Garaj Mahal Owl Studios - 2008
“Solo Project” currently on the edit table - 2008



kBRANDOW emerged from the creative abundance in the mind of singer, songwriter, producer Damion Gallegos. Damion’s artistic and production talents far exceed his credits as the original Front-Man for bay area hero’s “Fungo Mungo” (releases include; “Humungous” on Island Records- 1992). As producer, engineer, CHUB studio designer /owner he has worked with: Mac DRE, Too Short, Forte, FAB, Testament, The Coup, Flipper, kBRANDOW, and more. Damion initially played all the instruments and produced himself until finding the right mesh of players. That history has developed kBRANDOW into a tight group which is becoming the definitive new sound of the SF Bay Area. kBRANDOW’s fusion of music styles and power players make their music intellectual and accessible at the same time. This is a perfect mix for SF area audiences which are savvy and require some heavy chops to their music. Let’s meet the bay area veterans that have developed this new SF sound.

DAMION GALLEGOS ~ singer, song writer, guitar, piano, harmonica, production
Other Instruments: bass, drums, sax, mpc programming, reason, ableton live, pro tools, G5 dual 2.5 PPC, songwriter, engineer, producer, artist

Damion’s musical start was auspicious of the unique multi-talent that he’s become. He began naturally playing piano by ear at age 6. He had moved on to the Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour when at age 9 when Queen’s “We will rock you” guitar-solo made him cry in the headphones. He fondly recalls that, his first blues riff was learned and guitar playing truly began at 11. He traveled the road of classic 70’s rock and heavy metal in the 80’s while learning to play several instruments.

The multifaceted youth was asked to join FUNGO MUNGO by childhood friend, keyboard player Damon Rameriz in 1988. They recorded a demo w/ Matt Winager (Primus’ Producer and singer of “Slider”) in 1989. Later at a Jackson Street Studio showcase, Chris Blackwell personally signed Fungo Mungo to Island Records saying, “Damion I see no reason why we shouldn’t be working together here in the near future.” With Island Records, Fungo Mungo recorded “Humongous” in 1992 and toured the US with; No Doubt, Fishbone, Primus, Disposable Heros of Hypocrisy, Red Hot Chili Peppers, 247 Spies, Deftones and more. Fungo Mungo recorded but never released “Hella Bad” and “Hopeless Romantic.” Look for them on itunes one day soon.

1996 was a year of letting go for Damion as Fungo Mungo disbanded and he lost his mother in a tragic auto accident. kBRANDOW is named in her honor.

Thereafter, Damion began writing and recording solo in the studio and for a while that satisfied his soul, but he began to yearn to get back to the basics of live performance and started to work with various local talent finally meeting Erik Symth who introduced Damion to Jeff RJF’ski and a long term collaboration began. As with any band, there was a time of trying on different formations. Smyth left for a short time and returned in 2008 and soon thereafter, Kai Eckhardt and Eric Levy joined the familiar trio. Right away it was obvious that this was the chemistry needed to round out kB. They’ve taken the kBRANDOW vision to the next level of execution and live performance.
JEFF RJF'SKI ~ Drums, Vocals, Balance
Originally from Glendale, CA, Jeff’s first exposure to drumming was though childhood friend Bobby Butenoff, who showed off his marching band drumming tricks. Hooked at 13, his older sister’s boyfriend gifted him his first kit. At 15, “RJ” moved to San Francisco and became serious about drumming. Although left handed, RJ plays his kit configured in a right handed style. He met and befriended guitarist Erik Smyth while working at For Heaven’s Cake. They formed their first band, 100th Monkey, and had a memorable performance at the Upper Haight Street Fair in 1988.

RJ has played in numerous groups with a wide array of genres including: Austin Willacy, King City, Beaten By Them, One F, Murray, RJF’ski & Hill (improv jazz trio); RKL (Rich Kids on LSD); Crash Landing, King City, and Brian Hill Quartet. In 1996, his improvisational jazz trio (Brian Hill and Spencer Murray) won a radio contest in Thailand, and was flown to Bangkok for the Southern Thailand Jazz and Blues Festival.

Jeff describes the KB dynamic with the following: “In 1996, I met singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Damion Gallegos (formerly of Fungo Mungo) through Erik Smyth. Damion and I formed kBRANDOW. Over the years, the lineup of kBRANDOW has seen many changes, but this one is by far the most complete and satisfying. The diverse musical backgrounds of the current members makes kBRANDOW well rounded, and gives us real potential. I’m looking forward to finishing out our next CD- and playing my heart out with these guys!”

KAI ECKHARDT ~ Bass, dynamics coordinator
Kai Eckhardt is German-Liberian. Kai was raised in Bingen, Germany until age 6 when he relocated to Monrovia, Liberia along with his German mother. He spent 4 years in West Africa atte