Montréal, Quebec, CAN

K-Bust is an international Pop-Rock/Urban artist

A self-taught musician, she is a passionate singer / songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with the ability to express herself fluently in English, Spanish and French. Exploring the different facets of her artistic personality, she dives in a vast Universe of styles, from Urban, Soul and Rock.


K-Bust is an international Pop artist.  Hailing from the coastal city of Valparaiso, the cultural and artistic center of Chile, she now lives and performs in Montreal, Canada.  A self-taught musician, she is a singer / songwriter with the ability to express herself fluently in English, Spanish and French, giving her a powerful asset to reach a worldwide market; qualities that make her stand out as an artist.

From a young age K-Bust studied classical piano, and built her skills as a lyricist, composer and interpreter.  She was also influenced by music of the 70s and 80s – pop icons such as Queen, David Bowie, Madonna, as well as old-school soul like Marvin Gaye – all of whom played a major role in developing her unique musical style.

 Among her many successes, she opened for Los Prisioneros (the biggest Chilean rock band), and performed at various music festivals in Montreal and Toronto.  All the while she continued her professional vocal training, and was awarded “best author-composer-interpreter” by the McGill University jury in 2007. 

After collaborating with many local Montreal artists, such as Alan Prater, a former Michael Jackson musician and back-up vocalist, K-Bust’s career really took off in 2009 when she recorded a song by Benoit Jutras (Cirque du Soleil composer) for the new show of Franco Dragone; (The House of Dancing Water) in Macao, Hong-Kong.  Shortly after, she joined forces with renowned Montreal producer Sonny Black, the man behind the international success of artist such as Corneille, Dubmatique, Sheryfa Luna, K’maro, Shy’m, and Kulcha Connection.

Sonny and K-Bust developed an extraordinary musical chemistry, which drove the 11 powerful songs they co-produced for her debut album “Urban Stories.”  Revealing a combination of Alicia Keys neo-soul sensibility, Gwen Stefani’s urban style, the feisty attitude of Madonna and Afro-Latin sounds, the album is a faithful reflection of K-Bust’s diverse personality. 

Produced by Indi-K Records label and distributed by DEP/Universal Music, the record is available in stores in Canada and in digital format worldwide. The deluxe version, including 4 new remixes, is only available in digital format.  

In March 2013, she goes on her first promotional tour to Chile, gathering some solid reviews by the local press.  In September of the same year, her record label releases her first official music video named Emotion on Vevo.

Since the beginning of 2014, she moves to Germany to dedicate herself to the production of her second album, with well known producer Uwe Klapdor.


Urban Stories

Everything (Is Not Totally Lost)
We're One
Hey Mama
Love's Gone Away
Ahora Que Estas Conmigo
Good Times (Bad Times)
I'm Sorry
Don't Wanna Try

Set List

  1. Tonight
  2. Unbeatable
  3. Glam
  4. Stronger
  5. I've Risen
  6. The Party is Over
  7. Ms Independent
  8. Good Times (Bad Times)
  9. Please Tell Me
  10. Ahora Que Estas Conmigo
  11. Fallin'
  12. Just A Simple Taste