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Energetic smash mouth entertainment. Live, hype, real one of a kind chi-town original shit.


My music is very passionate and it comes from my heart. I give it my all heart and soul. I've been doing it for fifteen years. For me my music has been all about dedication. I've dam near giving up everything in the persute of this dream. I started out with poetry and I was really good at it.I won a couple of contest in school and it really motivated me to write. My older cousin who I really admired told me that it was good actually he said "I could'nt have wrote it." He argued with me for hours about it. He said that I had to have gotten it out of the book. What sets me apart form other bands is my motivation and dedicaton to my music. I'll never stop never. I do everything they do and then some.


On The block has been released to the streets locally.

Set List

My typical set is 6 songs 4 freestyles and one cover. Lay down and die, Twelve Pounds, Chocolate Haze, On the Block, Put one in my dome, Self distruction. The length of my set is 45 minutes to an hour.