Musician and Producer Kawaski "KCentric" Nelson carves out a unique musical niche that incorporates jazz, hip-hop, easy listening, and electronica all in one package.


As a native of Montgomery, Alabama he was raised on a healthy dose of southern blues, jazz, R&B, and gospel music. The same musical elements can still be heard in the songs that he writes and produces for himself and other musicians.

KCentric began his music career writing and performing as a solo artist, and later with the neo hip-hop group A.L.I.A.S that he helped form with his cousin.

It was while working on the A.L.I.A.S. album that he began to delve into other genres of music for inspiration such as vintage jazz, classical, folk, and electronic.

Since his earliest days, he has frequently sought alternatives to the musical mainstream.

The first offering from his newly formed production company, Klegacy Entertainment, is the CD entitled K. Nelson presents "UNWIND: moods & grooves". "UNWIND" features instrumental ambient jazz grooves that are a continuation of that exploratory tradition.


2002:'SEASONS' EP (A.L.I.A.S)

2005:'K. Nelson presents UNWIND: moods & grooves' (Album)

2005: 'Woo Who' (Single)

KCentric songs have been featured on Sirius Radio (Adam Curry's Podshow), various internet radio shows (SWIK Online Radio Show), and podcasts around the world. (Podsafe Music Network)

Set List


KCentric composes original music for television and/or film projects. He specializes in the following genre and styles: Acid Jazz, Ambient, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, and Trip-Hop.

Best Suited For: Action, Art, Children's Family, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, Science Fiction, Thriller, Independent, Major Motion Pictures

(Music Producer and Remixer)

KCentric is a talented remixer and independent music producer who works well under pressure and can bring the very best out of your artist and label projects.

(Event DJ)

KCentric set list includes music from the following genres: Jazz, Electronic, Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, and Classic R&B . My set lists are usually customized for client event and/or venue.