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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Music Morsels"

KChari - Out Of Line

Atlanta’s KChari siblings may not be the first people to inject classical training into modern pop music, but they are certainly one of the more innovative. Each member is multi-faceted with Joshua alternating between guitar and electric cello, Sarah playing keyboards and drums, and Miriam handling bass and vocals. The result is music that can be haunting and sultry with a variance of feelings often conveyed by Miriam’s emotive vocal work. Subtly dynamic alt rockers like “I Cannot Stay” and “Desperate Enough” are balanced with touching ballads like “Crash With Me” and the Latin flavored “All The Blame.” This mosaic of edgy alternative, pop passages and classical fuel is sure to enthrall people who enjoy music that is a bit beyond the norm, and created with talent and passion.

URL: http://www.kchari.com
- Mark Waterbury

"Power Trio"

What better venue than the Flicker Theatre to host a trio whose songs elicit a silver-screen essence?

KChari's "Power Out" would fit comfortably within the score during the denouement of any Hollywood movie featuring glamorous folks in precarious situations. The drama has unfolded and the protagonists narrowly escape villains or a sinking maritime marvel, seconds before a sunrise.

Of course, the North Atlanta-based KChari siblings, Joshua (cello) Sarah (piano/percussion) and Miriam (vocals/ bass), perform more than just closing credits compositions. They'll be there for the getting-to-know-you scenes ("Drained") and the sensual (and thrilling) tango to the death ("All the Blame").

When questioned about the songs' perceived cinematic qualities, Miriam offers, "I think great films not only tell a story, but capture real emotional content. When we compose, we try to go beyond a good groove or melody and capture emotion as artists, that's our goal."

Miriam's melancholy vocals, the synthesized piano and the tragic urgency of the electric cello come together in compositions that can be described, oddly enough, as alt-rock show tunes performed by classically trained musicians.

When not in training, or on the road, the trio trains others at their own music school, Tri-Tone.

"We've been fortunate to have great students and many of them are doing really well in state and regional competitions," Miriam says.

As for the student body being pretty loyal listeners and KChari tunes being a required part of the curriculum (or at the very least extra credit), she admits, "Our students and their families and friends are a great fan base, so we're pretty lucky. We see them at our gigs all the time. Students love the stuff too - T-shirts, stickers, CDs. ... Of course, it's not like 'Come to the show or else,'" she assures.

Will KChari find a place in the family-band walk of fame alongside the likes of Van Halen, The Fiery Furnaces and The Osmonds? Discerning Athens ears can decide.

Published in the Athens Banner-Herald 011906
- David Eduardo -Athens Banner-Herald

"Melodic Pop Music"

"[KChari] plays melodic pop music that dramatically struts around alternative rock, weaving in strands of jazz and world music.” -Flagpole (Athens)2006 - Flagpole (Athens)

"Local band KChari's first album OUT OF LINE Eclectic"

KChari's debut album Out of Line deals with a wide variety of day to day issues from breaking up to being burned by people around you in a sound that is a mix of genres they call "ClassicAlt"
The self-given title is pretty accurate and completely appropriate for the siblings who are all trained in classical music.

Despite being a part of the last- name-as-a-band-name phenomena, this family group is far from Hanson or the Partridge family. They find their inspiration in more piano based alternative bands like U2, KT Tunstall, Coldplay and the Beatles. Their sound evolves throughout the album from classical to more modern and fast-paced. - The Profile -Agnes Scott College

"Flicker Theater Performance Review"

KChari’s luminous melodies and superb dynamics charmed the room while their confessional narratives held the attention, as if revelations from a secret dream.
Coy King -Flicker Theater Athens 2006
- Coy King -Flicker Theater Athens

"KChari: Diverse"

“KChari’s songs, like it’s musical style, draw from a diverse array of sources.”
–Matt Quinn -The Red and Black (Athens) 2006

- –Matt Quinn -The Red and Black (Athens)

"Power Out"

“KChari's "Power Out" would fit comfortably within the score during the denouncement of any Hollywood movie featuring glamorous folks in precarious situations. The drama has unfolded and the protagonists narrowly escape villains or a sinking maritime marvel, seconds before a sunrise.”
David Eduardo -Athens Banner-Herald 2006
- David Eduardo -Athens Banner-Herald 2006

"Absolutely superb!"

“Absolutely superb! The most original and unique song I've heard lately! The strange sound (is it a gong?) that goes simultaneously with the vocals is absolutely superb…intellectual sounding. There is nothing I could compare this sound with. Absolutely superb! Off to join the fan club!”
- Split, Croatia
- - Split, Garage Band Review Croatia

"Southeast Performer Magazine"

Out Of Line by Atlanta-based KChari is a unique album with a brilliant blend of classical, pop and alternative rock. The three siblings that make up the band — Miriam, Sarah and Joshua KChari — are classically trained and it shows on every song; each tune sounds fresh, as well as vintage, with a classical base and modern spin.

Lyrically, “Power Out,” “Reach” and the CD’s title track, “Out Of Line,” are typical pop fare with their catchy choruses, but each one stands out for their added classical element. “I Cannot Stay,” “All The Blame” and “Desperate Enough” are more modern rock-focused with their angry, urgent tones, but still stay true to the trio’s classical undertones.

Along with the standard instrumentation found on a rock recording (guitars, bass, drums, keyboards), KChari also adds in violin, cello and tuba to the mix, which, for the most part, adds depth to each song, but at times it can be too much and can overwhelm the listener with too many sounds at once, as in “Reach”, “Clean Slate” and “Crash With Me.”

This band stands above the norm with their sound and musicianship, and may even entice listeners to delve more deeply into the roots of music and to realize classical does not have to mean boring. This CD certainly bridges the gap between classical and modern music. (Self-released)


-Kat Coffin

KChari — Out Of Line
Executive production Jan Smith and KChari
Engineered by Nate Thiel
Mixed and edited by Shawn Grove
Recorded at Smith and Huston Productions in Atlanta, GA
Drums and bass recorded at Creekside Station, Lawrenceville, GA
Mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse
- -Kat Coffin

"Raven Entertainment"

If you are looking for something new and
fresh to broaden your horizons Kchari is
the band for you. Kchari is an alternative
rock band with a female lead singer that
has a under flowing current of classical

Out of Line is a refreshing breath of fresh
air in this stale sound world. If I had to try
to label their unique sound I would have to
say they are Classical Alternative but I
don't think it is fair to Kchari to try to label

Check them out! You'll be glad you did. I
look forward to see what the future holds
for this very talented band.

- Heather Burke


"Three" -EP
"Out Of Line" Debut Album



KCHARI (pronounced K char-ee) is an alternative band from Atlanta, GA. The three members, Miriam, Sarah, and Joshua are full time, professional musicians. KChari released their debut album "Out of Line" in May 2007. Acclaimed producer Jan Smith served as Executive Producer for KChari’s album.
KChari is also co-director of a new show “KChari and Larry TV” (www.youtube.com/kchariandlarrytv .) KChari and Larry TV is a free, monthly, seven minute, video podcast (internet show,) that features the music and “behind the scenes” footage of up-and-coming indie band KChari. The show includes music videos of original and cover songs, creatively performed by KChari each week. It features 3-4 minutes of produced, reality (comedic and serious) footage relating to KChari’s music, friends, interests and life. Check it out at www.youtube.com/kchariandlarrytv

KChari's Influences: No Doubt, Pink, Stevie Nicks, Beatles , Sting, U2, matchbox twenty, KT Tunstall, Coldplay, Keane, The Killers, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Collective Soul and many more...
Internet presence:
Facebook: Jsm KChari
Contact: e-mail- kchari@kchari.com
The three own Mental Lentil Music Publishing (BMI). The band member’s collective education includes studies at Johns Hopkins University, Cleveland Institute of Music, Peabody Conservatory, Dickinson, Jan Smith Studios and the Atlanta Institute of Music. Miriam, Sarah and/or Joshua KChari are endorsed Bogner Amplification Artists, Bose Music Educators and Music123 Music Educators. They are all composers with BMI and members of NARAS.

Full Press clippings available:
Athens Banner Herald, Red and Black, Gainesville Times, Playgrounds Magazine and many others.