Kingston City Kriminalz

Kingston City Kriminalz

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KCK (Kingston City Kriminalz) is the hottest/best hip-hop/r&b group to come out in Canada in years... if not ever. Their debut album Kriminalz 2 Kingpinz shows the groups range in many different aspects. From lyricism, to delivery, to live performance, KCK is definitely a group to watch out for!


KCK is the best new hip-hop group to hit the Canadian music scene since The Rascals, or Swollen Members. Poised to drop the best independant hip-hop album of the year, with a music video to immediately follow, watch for 2009 to be a big year for these boys. After spending the last year honing their live show (opening for acts such as Belly etc.) and preparing their debut album Kriminalz 2 Kingpinz, KCK plans to take that momentum full speed into 2010.


Kriminalz 2 Kingpinz - Sept 2009

Man In Her Life - Music Video

Set List

KCK's set list ranges from anywhere within 15 minutes to an hour, with up to 15 track performances.