Franklin, Tennessee, USA

Songs that aim for the human emotions.


Kenward Cooper is a songwriter based in Nashville. Prior to moving to music city, his various band projects found him in L.A., NYC, & Europe recording with renouned producers including Richard Perry, & Rick Parker.
Kenward's songs have been licensed for TV on ABC & MTV Networks. He is currently collaborating with respected writers in Nashville for the Country mainstream market.



Written By: Kenward Cooper

I’ve been up for days, always the same, 24 hr game, getting paid
And I’m drinking way too much until you’re calling my bluff
Too many vices in hand, I dont know where we stand
Do we pick or fight tonight, or just sit around and get high

Always someone calling me out
Looks like another night on the town
I’m getting dressed, I’m heading out, are you coming too?

Shifting between the lies, this comes as no surprise
We’re losing ourselves in this city, you and I
Get out of Vegas now, everything’s not alright
Fooled by those pretty lights that shine so bright

Every night party life is like a old bottle of wine, it’s there to help ease your mind and to kill a little bit of time
Simple life has fled, I’ve been hitting on my best friends girlfriend, have another drink instead, it’s gonna help my conditioning

Everybody’s draggin us down
They smear your name in this town
I’m a sinner now, be a winner now, let’s get out

Let’s try Russian Roulette
Funny how I already feel like I’m dead
And my last paycheck has been spent
But I’m not ready to go to bed