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k c solaris

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KC solaris is an ever evolving project regarding creativity and limits of our imagination. Electronic music, drumming, art, film, yoga and writing are just the beginning of these projects. Stay tuned for their manifestations throughtout the years.


(from kcsolaris.com bio section)

It is thru this process of avid self discovery KC has written,recorded, produced and released 8 full length electronic albums and 3 EPS prolifically since 2009, established himself as a key component of the rising Kirtan genre, accompanying many of the nations top artists such as Eddy Nataraj, Carrie Grossman, Gurunam Singh, Sri Kirtan, Devadas, Brenda McMorrow, as well as perform solo tabla with yoga classes in Boston, NYC, Toronto, LA and San Diego. KC has performed at Bhakti Fest, South by Southwest Festival, and will be performing at Evolve Festival in NYC, Boston Chant Fest as well as Montreal Kirtan Fest this year as well. Within the past year KC founded MithrAEum studios in Brooklyn NYC (where he holes up recording and/or performing further magiK between tours) , and Tribe Collective (a loosely defined arts and recording collaborative).

With many more projects, albums, collaborations and artistic ideas in the works for the coming years who knows what the future version of the present will hold, as we as a collective strive to suck the future and past into a palpable moment of interaction with our reality with which we alive as conscious beings are so deeply entrusted and intertwined with….this moment and the dawn of the so deemed the Now Age, which hopefully will allow us all to return to a conscious and compassionate connection with the highest and most universal of all energies, that of love and light.


Bass and House set w/DJ Inanna
Live and Ecstatic April 2012 w/Eddy Nataraj (live tabla)
Aquarials January 2012 Electronic Solo
Electronic Shaman June 2011 Electronic solo
Morning Water & a Poet November 2010 electronic solo album
Mantras August 2010 electronic solo album
HTDA: Solaris Destroyed July 2010 Remix album
(r)Evolution EP June 2010 electronic solo EP
The Process November 2009 electronic solo album
Echoes of the Eschaton Jul 2009 electronic solo album
We Are Fisherman Dec 2008 electronic co-written w/Adam Tocci

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Flexible like a yogi