An Explosive Evangelistic Rap, R&B and Reggae Ministry, headed by Gospel recording artist and Youth Pastor, KD3. A positive message of Hope for today's generation.


Holy Rap artist, with a full stage production of band members, dancers, singers, and back up rappers, King David, is quickly gaining ground.

Better known as KD3, King David has ministered amoungst numerous major artists, including Gospel favorites Fred Hammond, and Mary-Mary. His sound is unique and clear, and his message is of hope and perserverance in the midst of your storm, or in the face of your GIANT. In fact, KD3, which is short for King David, led by the 3rd person of the Holy Trinity, God the Holy Ghost; has titled his first album "Giant Slayer" for that very reason.

He was born in Jamaica, raised in Maryland, and is currently residing in Florida, where he serves as Youth Pastor of DaCity Youth Church of Truth Revealed Minsitries, under the leadership of Senior Pastor Merton L. Clark. KD3 has ministered, and is willing to minister, in just about whatever setting you can imagine; from Prisons, to the streets, Churches, Parks, Rec centers, etc. He has ministered with tracks only, or with his entire live band and singers.

Whatever your funtion, whatever your need, KD3 may very well be the gift for your event. Contact us today!


"Stand Up"

Written By: Dave C. Bryan

Stand Up

Verse 1:
Stand up. Show me what you’ve got. Man, is you hot or is you cold in your soul, on death row, with no parole. Naw mean? Like Mr. Clean, I keep my shine all the time. Never dull, from my toes to my skull.
Jesus, He’s my rock; so no demons can test me, stress me, depress me; or even get the best of me. When I’m riding with, when I be cruising with; when I be chilling with my G-O-D. Man, who you be? Whose back do you got? Is it dark where you’re at? Step in the light and you and I we can rock; non-stop. You know I’ve got my glock, the Word of God, by my side; so take my hand and ride. To the promise land my man, non-stoppa. And just like hip-hoppa get down with Big Poppa. Up in the blue for you, anytime you need Him. Shinning down his love, waiting for you to believe Him and receive Him son.

Stand up all ye soldiers for it’s time for you to testify. When the trumpet sounds, you and I we’re going to say bye-bye. Now if you’re still in sin, go ahead and make that choice today. And when the Savior comes, to you and I he’ll say; “walk this way.”

Verse 2:
Don’t wait, don’t hesitate. Before you know it son, you might be late. Close the gate; on who? I hope it ain’t you. I know it ain’t me, baby can’t you see? The time is drawing nigh; who do you think you’re fooling? Acting ain’t going to get you there. Men, what’re you thinking? Stinking is the game you choose to play. Take heed to my warning son, don’t play that way. Because the day will come when everything is done that your soul will be judged by the Father through the Son. Then umm, wee-wee-wee; to whom shall you be? For eternity, you better pray JC. Cause you see me, I’m going to the sky. And when the trumpet sounds, I hope you too can say bye and fly so high; but never coming down. Gold is the ground, milk and honey all around son.

Chorus: ( x 3 ending here for remix. )

(Add below for original.)

(Mock sermon) It’s time that we the people of God …

Do you want to walk on these streets of gold? Do you want to walk where you’ll never grow old?
Do you want to walk where you will live and never die? Do you want to walk with the King high in the sky? Do you want to walk in everlasting peace? Do you want to walk where your heart will rest at ease?
Do you want to walk where you will feel no pain? Well then you’ve got to walk in Jesus name. (Repeat 1x)

Chorus: ( x 2 to fade. )

Lyrics by:
Dave C. Bryan, 2000.

"Giant Slayer"

Written By: Dave C. Bryan

Giant Slayer

Verse 1:
I see some trouble coming; now tell me what to do? Looks like a gang of demons, feels like my life is through.
Oh me oh my, oh my; am I really going to die? Or am I going to live to stand and testify?
But is it worth the try? Some of them look really big. What was it King David did when he was just a kid?
Oh please I need to know. You said you loved me so. Now tell me where to go, that I might escape my foe?
Dear Jesus, speak to me; reach out thine hand to me. “My child why do you fear, for I gave you all authority
Over snakes and scorpions, over them there demons too; go ahead and do my work. Do what I told you to.”
Demons you’ve got to go. Oh, where? I really don’t care. But what I’ll let you know is you ain’t going to cause my heart to fear.
Nor am I going to tremble, or buckle in my knees. Greater is my God, and my God dwells in me. I am a…

Giant Slayer! What do you want? Giant Slayer! What do you need? Giant Slayer! Where’re they at? Giant Slayer!
Let’s make them bleed. Giant Slayer! You and I, Giant Slayer! Ain’t going to die. Giant Slayer! G-O-D. Giant Slayer! Made us free! Giant Slayer! Yea, that’s right. Giant Slayer! Hang on tight. Giant slayer! To what you know. Giant Slayer! And don’t let go. Giant Slayer! The victory, Giant Slayer! Is in your mouth. Giant Slayer! Release the Word. Giant Slayer! Of God, shout!

Verse 2:
Oh God I’m glad you did just what you did for me. When you hung bled and died, on the cross at Calvary.
I don’t know where I’d be if you didn’t love me so. I guess in misery, burning way below.
That’s why my life for sure I fully give to you. Not half but all of me, hanging with this world; I’m through.
So do what you want to do. Where you lead me, I will follow. Even though them trials will come, joy will surely come tomorrow.
Early in the morning time, just like the Son will shine; when I seek your face, I know you’ll fill me up just one more time.
Dear God, you’re my redeemer, my Savior and my friend. You’ll never leave me nor forsake me, even till the very end.
That’s why I thank you so for what you’ve done in me, cause when you gave me life; you gave me victory.
King David understood, and now I understand; the power dwells in me because the power’s in you hands. I am a…



Chorus (2x to fade.)

Lyrics by:
Dave C. Bryan 2000

"Thank You!"

Written By: Dave C. Bryan & Craig Bradshaw

Thank You!

Verse 1: Reality has finally struck me, and now I can see
I thank God for my babies and my “booby”
Direct from above; yes indeed, my blessings I’m caressing
And for you, I’m laying down my Smith and Wesson
To live by the gun is to die by the gun
This lifestyle of “fun” I’m through with it, done
For my son I’ll be there to here his cry
To wipe his eye, do you dare ask why?
Yo, look at the world; the state that it’s in
So cold, dark and dieing, all tied up by sin
Bound by the gates of hell
Eyes are blinded; souls, locked down like a jail cell
Searching for freedom, well open up the good book
And spread the good word to the gangsters and crooks
For only He, and He alone can save you
Like He did foe me; and sweet Jesus, I thank you

Chorus: Thank you for selecting me, thank you for protecting me
Every time I turned my back on you, you were there for me constantly
Thank you for the joy you bring, thank you for the little things
And the least that I can do to show my gratitude is thank you.

Verse 2: In the ghetto, I use to run solo
Because I had a big gat, sporting all that polo
The love of money is the root of all evil
And just like Kaneival, you’ll go crazy robbing innocent people
Then greed takes over, non-stop, proceed
It’ll take control of your soul like the need to breathe
Understand, listen up, take my word cause I’ve been there
I too use to buck em down, and didn’t care
But I remembered the teachings of my mother
How to love each other, through Christ, our heavenly Father
Broke down to my knees and I cried
As I thought back to the reason that He died
Nailed to the cross for you and for me
At Calvary, because He loved us G
The love I had for money couldn’t dare compare
It’s time you realize and get yourself in gear

Bridge: All of my wants, all of my needs; I make the request and you give it to me
You’re the supplier of all of my needs your love is forever faithful
I will not fail nor will I yield, while in the valley I’ll look to the hills
I will succeed because this is your will your love is forever faithful
Hand in a de air, like you no care, boy lookie here in a mi heart no fear
Cause everything crisp, Jah know everything proper
And like a helicopter mi a rise because of poppa
Look when mi did a drown, little seeds mi did a sow
Unnu fi see mi know look how the seeds dem grow
Man the trees stand up strong and a bear nuff fruit
A dead mi would a dead if it wasn’t fi the truth, you know…

Lyrics by: Dave C. Bryan
& Craig Bradshaw 1/01/04

"Party With Me"

Written By: Dave C. Bryan & Big Val

Party With Me:
Intro: If you really want to party me, to blaze up and raise up with me
You’ve got to get down with my GOD, before you boogie down with KD3

Verse 1: Get your gear on; it’s time to ride out
Come on let’s bounce “no doubt” it’s time to wild out
Kicking this party off Holy Ghost style (Hey)
Feels like I’m doing 105 on the highway
Climb aboard and you and I, we’ll hit the sky
Mounting up with wings as eagles flying high
Don’t try, don’t force it; just let go
And get low to your knees till they hit the floor
When you begin to glow, then you’ll really know
Just what I’m feeling baby boy, now let it flow
Feel the power of the Most High running through
Until it spills out and fully overshadows you
You’re saying what to do? Come on and stand up
Tilt your head back and shout with your hands up
Cause now you’re in the mix, and we can hang tight
You and I we’re getting down tonight, right???

Chorus: Get your party on, get you party on
Let your hair down – get loose, and let’s turn it on
Yeah, the freaks come out when the Son is gone
So we can boogie all night till the early morn…
That’s right, let’s go. Take it to the floor
One o’clock, two o’clock, three o’clock, four
Well ain’t no stopping us now, I know you’re wondering how
We be doing what we do like “Blahowwe!”

Verse 2: Soon as I speak; you feel the fire?
The conviction of your desire
My G’s will is to take you higher
You can’t build your own empire
Your way men, you’ll never learn
Your will is not His concern
So keep praise in your mouth, and stack those chips
Keep your eyes on Him, and try not to slip
King David is the one known for dancing all around
Danced so hard clothes fell to the ground
See him chilling with the biggest in town
Coming through with the wickedest sound
Side to side and front to the rear
Hold up your hand, boy lookie here
If you no care scream it out clear
“KD3” in a de atmosphere.
From the back to the front, left to the right
Throw your hands up and let’s blaze tonight
Ohh-wee, I can’t get enough
KD3, let’s shake it up (repeat with-) just shaking it up

Dave C. Bryan
& Big Val


KD3's album "Giant Slayer" is hot, hot, hot. This is the first album he has put out, with talks of "Giant Slayer" being the first single to release. Radio stations are now catching wind of this hot new Artist, and are starting to get more and more requests for KD3. His album will no doubt be in stores soon.

Set List

With over 28 songs currently ready to go, 13 of which is from his current album "Giant Slayer" KD3 is able to combine whatever is needed.

His typycal set runs about 45 min. depending on what is desired. KD3 is a Minister/Rap Artist, so he may speak a Word, give an alter call, or minister by way of his music only. Songs like"Stand Up," "Shakedown," "Giant Slayer," "Thank You," "Party With Me," "Wanna Be," are some of his more popular songs performed.

Kd3 is more than open to doing cover sets, and is typically remembered for his explosive performance and deliverance of the Word of God through his music.