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Through the dark clouds of Hip-Hop and constant engulfing of less than pedestrian compositions, there looks to be a new shining light in attendance, KD. Blessed with an exceptional amount of business savvy and musical prowess, K.D. possesses all of the essential tools needed to stand out within this ruthless business. The entrepreneur, rapper, writer, and producer, was born in the early 80’s within the poverty stricken neighborhood “C.C. Lockdown”. Although coming from one of the most notorious hoods in Baton Rouge, LA Kendrick Henderson (KD), found writing as a way to cope with his surroundings. “As a shorty, I always wondered why I was so different, and why didn’t I think like everyone else in the hood. I started my own business at 11 years old, and taught myself the art of making money and having people believe and invest in me. How many 11 year olds, you know in the hood making $5000 dollars every summer, legally or illegally. I was always a big dreamer, but I always understood, that realizing any big dream comes with hard work and sacrifice.” This hard work and sacrifice is the driving fuel behind his prospering new company, KRK Entertainment.
After starting KRK with his longtime childhood friend and now Co-CEO, Robert Griffin (RL), KD began to work diligently to assemble the parts of his now growing force KRK Entertainment. The first, and what KD believes to be the most valuable addition to the KRK brand name was, Kendro Brown (LinGo). “LinGo first came on as part of our in-house production team “Khruch Boyz”, but he has since been instrumental in helping us get this KRK train moving, not to mention that I feel he has developed lyrically and now has the potential to be one of Hip-Hop’s most compelling new MC’s.” With LinGo now serving as the President of KRK, I think it’s easy to realize why KD views him as an essential acquisition.
After co-writing and co-producing some of the early tracks from KRK, KD in an attempt to deliver what he felt his label was missing, decided to bless the mic. When asked, “What made you decide to start rapping?” KD responded by saying, “I never wanted to rap. The only thing I wanted to do was write, produce, and run my business, but a lot of these artist we were dealing with, was full of shit. So after getting fed up with their bullshit, I started touching the mic, and the rest is history.” History it is, as this multi-talented young man looks to make his imprint on this industry with his witty style and ability to deliver captivating hooks. KD comes at you with an array of styles, and literally forces you to understand his angle with each rendition.
While KD is known for delivering memorable hooks, his most clever piece of work to date has no hook, and the song is entitled “64 Bars”. This rendition is from his upcoming mixtape, “Mind over Matter” (which is set to be released spring 06’) in which he blesses a “Young Jeezy” and “Mannie Fresh” track like only KD would do. “I really wanted to put some substance into this one and give it to you my way. You might take a few things I say the wrong way, but if you really listen you will see that I am giving props to all these people past and present, while letting you know that we (KRK) and myself individually will have this type of impact.” Whether it’s business, writing, producing, or rapping, this young man definitely looks ready to capture his moment in time. (“Mind over Matter” will be released spring 06’) - It is a MUST have!!


"Work That" , single from "The Takeoff"- spr 2006
"After The Storm Vol.1" - Mixtape - spr 2006
"Mind Over Matter Vol.1" Solo Mixtape- spr 2006