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1st mixtape- Preliminaries: The Mixtape



Kdawg & DiversiD met in there sophmore an junior years in high school.
They have been rappin for 4yrs now ever since 2006, there flow has improved separating themselves from how everyone else rapped. There styles an chemistry together makes them what they are today. Kdawg has a texas rap style with a lot of punchlines lines like east coast rap his main influences consist of (Chamillionaire & Magno who at times were known for there punchlines an texas east coast mixed styles) DiversiD has more of diverse style hint the name. His style is never the same an he likes to switch thangs up a lot an can adapt well on tracks, his influences consist of (Ludacris & Eminem because of there lyrical skills an abilities to still have fun. Through the yrs they have rapped they have become quite popular to people in there area of San Antonio ,TX. There not the average rappers you’ll meet unlike everyone else they don’t talk about guns or drugs. There more positive an like to show that rapping isn’t just about bein serious but also about having fun. Right now they are not signed an are not a group they jus rap together as a duo or family type thang. They are now in the works of makin the own lilttle click or what they call the DK Fam which consists of 3 other up an comin rappers(Babii Cee, Yungst@r, & Jester J) all carrying there own attributes. As of right now Kdawg & DiversiD have there 1st mixtape out called the “Preliminaries: The Mixtape” which has been a very good success for them so far. They are already in the process of there 2nd mixtape which should be out in Feb 2010. There anxious to get more known and to perform more. If you wanna know more about them go to there myspaces, myspace.com/kdawg210…..myspace.com/diversid.