K.D. Brosia

K.D. Brosia


'Love Is..." K.D. BROSIA is a composition of love on all levels, sung by a true vocalist/stylist. Fallin' in love with music in the keys of 'life' through the voice of 'truth' has never been so melodic and smooth.


K.D. Brosia is the best of classic rhythm and blues wrapped in the rawness of neo soul. His newly released cd entitled, “Love Is…” joins the efforts of other neo soul projects in the resurgence of undisputed good, music. Listen to K.D. Brosia and fall in love with music, again.
K.D. Brosia is the successor of soulful, sensual singers lost - Marvin Gaye, Nina Simone - in addition to instrumentalists, Miles Davis and John Coltrane.
He is equally an awesome writer and performer. Brosia’s project “Love Is…” is composed of pertinent issues delivered through concept-based and tasteful lyrics. He’ll make your heart go thump, thump, thump as he lures you in with seductive subtleties in “Bed-Say (Bump, Bump, Bump).” He demonstrates versatility and world awareness with political innuendos in ‘Soul Food.” He hints at his extensive travels and bi-lingual tongue in “Stress’n Me.” And, encourages all in the title track, “Love Is…” with a storyline that reaches into the roots of city life.
The members of AMBROS, his band, are equally versitile and diverse. Each member celebrates his/her solo quality in self-entitled projects featuring their individual gifts and talents. The collective strengths of AMBROS, led by K.D. Brosia, propels this unit leagues beyond the rest.
Basically, a decade is nine years, eleven months, twenty-nine days, twenty-three hours and fifty-seven minutes too long to tolerate repetitious music tracks, unimaginative melodies, lethargic performances, and/or pitchy, non-charismatic singers and
So, tolerate it no longer. Buy into K.D. Brosia. See him and his band, welcome a Brosia breakthrough and receive Music 4 Yo Soul.
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"Love Is..."

Set List

"Love Is..." - K.D. Brosia
"Stress`N Me"- K.D. Brosia
"Love A Woman (Right)" - K.D. Brosia
""Bye-Bye" - K.D. Brosia
"Soul Food" - K.D. Brosia
"Who Am I Foolin'" - K.D. Brosia
"Bed-Say (Bump, Bump, Bump)"- K.D. Brosia
"Hajimemashita" - K.D. Brosia
"I Keep Forgetting" - Michael McDonald,
"Actions Speak Louder Than Words"- Frank McComb
"Can't Hide Love" - EWF
"Just Friends" - Musiq