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K-dub! I am Christian rapper. When people ask what I rap about the answer is simple....Jesus! Nothing else and nothing more but the greatness that is Jesus Christ and how he has truly saved my life! In John 15:16, Jesus says "for you did not chose me, but I chose you." I put this truth to beats!


I begin this hip hop thing with one thing in mind and that was "ME" making music...Well on Dec. 31, 2005 my life was completely turned around, I met my savior Jesus Christ, who took the mess that I had made of my life and made it a new. I begin recording music that only praised the greatness that is Jesus Christ, I began doing my best to apply his word into lyrics that are recorded over beats. I have been blessed with such amazing opportunities to share the gospel in places that without hip hop his name would of never been heard. I am continuing to be humbled by God, and how he is using the music in much bigger ways than I could ever imagine. What sets me apart from other bands is simple, my hope is not that the music gets heard, but the name of Jesus Christ is heard. I hope when people walk away from the show that they are not all about the music, or all about K-dub, but their thoughts are wow! I saw Jesus!


I have put out two albums, my first called "Unqualified Solider," this was more of a mixtape of tracks that I had put together in my first 2 years of recording music. The 2nd album titled, "Spiritual Frontline," had more of a central focus, which was the idea that we are called to be on the frontline in the battle against the evil forces of this earth.

Set List

I can usually run from 15 minutes to a hour. All depends on what the venue is asking for. I require a lot of crowd participation, my goal is to make relationships with the audience, I want the crowd to feel as they are part of the show.