Keaver Brenai

Keaver Brenai

BandSpoken WordSinger/Songwriter

As an Inspirational Christian recording artist and songwriter, Keaver is also an established voiceover artist. She produces & edits promo/commercial spots for TV & radio. She is an innovative female at the board & in front the mic.


Currently represented by Arlene Wilson Management, a member of the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG), and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA).

Keaver pursues her calling, encompassing but not limited to, singing, songwriting, producing, editing, voiceovers and commercials. "There is a sense of release and peace that envelopes the listener of my vocal deliveries. I need people to discover or remember the goodness and grace of the Lord. Encouragement is not offered enough. The ability to experience God to the level of being stable and focused, in all that we do is the goal. It's not a religion - it's a relationship ! ! ! "

She studied music in La Jolla, CA at USIU School of Performing and Visual Arts, in Los Angeles, CA at the Dick Grove School of Music and at the University of La Verne, where she received a BA degree in Vocal Performance with a minor in Music Business/Producing and is currently studying songwriting with Berklee College of Music.

Keaver’s experience also includes a great number of voiceovers, jingles, and on-camera for Moe's, Buick, Saturn, Pillsbury, McDonald’s, Tyson, Crayola, Tyler Perry, Taco Bell, Nestle, Hoover and Cherokee Jeans. Proficient in commercials for radio, TV, imaging and other short recordings; documentaries, audiobooks, business presentations and other long recordings; dubbings and voice acting for TV, films, and videogames, from vocal styling and background singing to promotions, billboards, ADR, trailers and TV series - Keaver works in Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta and the UK with national agencies. She has been featured as ‘voice of the network’ for a nationwide major cable television station and has collaborated in songwriting with award winning artists. While touring with the California Lyric Grand Opera and adding album credits and live performances individual/group to include, Ice Cube, Galphin Entertainment, Level III, Andraé Crouch, Charlie Haden, O’Jays, U2, Michael Jackson, Daryl Coley and Greg Walker, Keaver accepted the calling of becoming a solo Christian recording artist and songwriter. This ministry is currently taking Keaver from coast to coast and abroad for live performances, conferences, inspirational tours and other musical events.

Keaver has amassed years of experience in singing/songwriting, voiceovers, jingles, commercial print, studio vocals, while working with major names in music.

R E S U M E -

Moe’s Restaurants (Video – On-Camera/Voiceover)
Lion’s Gate – Pride (Television/Voiceover)
Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls (Television/Voiceover)
Voice of the Network–Black Family Channel (Television/Voiceover)
Daily & Weekly Programming Tune-Ins (Television/Voiceover)
McDonald’s (Radio & Television/Voiceover)
Tyson (Television/Voiceover)
Crayola (Television/Voiceover)
Tyler Perry’s Madea Film/DVD Series (Television/Voiceover)
Buick (Radio/Voiceover)
94.7 The Wave (Radio/Jingle)
Nestle (Radio/Jingle)
Cherokee Jeans (Radio/Voiceover)

Keaver Brenai (Solo CD / Live / Studio – It’s Not About Me)
Ice Cube (Vocalist / Studio - Street Fighter Soundtrack CD)
Michael Jackson (Vocalist / Studio – HiStory CD)
Andréa Crouch (Vocalist / Live – Concerts)
U2 (Vocalist / Studio – Joshua Tree CD)
Level III (Vocalist / Studio – Freezin’ Em CD)
Charlie Haden (Vocalist / Live
The O’Jays (Vocalist / Live / Video – Emotionally Yours CD)
Greg Walker (Vocalist / Live – Concerts)
Daryl Coley (Vocalist / Live – Concerts)
Harvest Worship Team (Vocalist / Live – Harvest Christian Fellowship)

Steve Harvey: Straight Up! (Featured/Television - Voiceover)
CeCe Winans: Straight Up! (Featured/Television - Voiceover)
Sister Perri: Straight Up! (Featured/Television - Voiceover)
Star Jones Reynolds: Straight Up! (Featured/Television - Voiceover)
Network Adult & Kids Upfront (Featured / Video – Voiceover)

The Tea Spot (Restaurant - Ed Laub Photography)
Santee Shoes (Shoes - Ed Laub Photography)
Dental Specialists (Teeth - Ilya Lectholtz Photography)
Yve’s Hair (Hair - Ilya Lectholtz Photography)
Shannon (Dress - Ilya Lectholtz Photography)

It’s A Holiday Greeting (Featured / On-Camera – National Cable)
Atlanta Live (Featured / Vocalist – Regional Cable)
Women of Brewster Place (Voiceover / Background Actor – FOX)
Arsenio Hall Show (Featured / Vocalist – The O’Jays – ABC)

Il Travatore (Vocalist - California Lyric Grand Opera)
The Wiz (Principal / Dorothy - The McKinley Theatre)

Jan Smith (Vocal Coach / Vocal Producer / Private Instruction)
Judith Sullivan (Voiceover Coach / Private Instruction)
Nick Cooper (Vocal Coach / Private Instruction)
Seth Riggs (Vocal Study / Commercial Vocal Instruction)
Bob Bergen (SAG Conservatory / Voiceover group study)
University of La Verne (Major–Vocal Performance / Minor-Production)
Dick Grove School of Music (VIP & KIP


It's Not About Me
Freezin' Em
Through The Eyes of Love
All I Have To Give

Set List

20-40 minutes of interactive song and ministry