Indianapolis, Indiana, USA
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An emcee that puts his love for life into his music. The sound can be described as dandruff hitting the sofa from a dry scalp and an angel and demon making love at the same time....


keb0 was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana moving around quite a bit he experienced a nomad lifestyle as well as his home town on both ends of the spectrum from the inner city and the suburbs. Since a little kid he always had a gift for imagination spending hours making his own comics to creating fictional worlds to play in as a youth. 7th grade was when he fell in love with music when he discovered hip hop ran deeper than the radio and a Walkman with headphones was a sanctuary where he could feel invincible from the trouble reality tends to offer.

His music can be described as how Brother Ali once put it "Our songs are supposed to be the voice of our soul", which is what keb0 strives for as an emcee so the audience/listener can get a sense of who he is as a person, a view inside his mind, what he values, etc... The best $80 spent from a paycheck via a job in high school was on a USB mic, which led to the beginning of an obsession fueled by pure love and passion making music sacrificing countless hours away from family and friends honing his craft.

There's a certain feeling you get when a song hits you causing a ripple sensation of goosebumps throughout your body, which is what he is trying to capture inspired by artists such as Tupac, Eminem, Talib Kweli, NaS and Black Thought earlier on in his life. What makes him special as emcee would be definitely be the emotion he is able to convey through his voice, his smooth flow, versatility, witty/clever wordplay and the ability to get introspective and very creative with subject matter.

Music has remained the only thing that has genuinely felt "right" in his life, it's the main ingredient that makes him proud of being who he is. Keb0 hopes to use music as a vehicle to see the world, experience different cultures,countries challenge his beliefs/values, connect with new people and ideas.


The 12 Fingered Musician presented by & (2010)

Set List

Set List Includes-

The Breeze
Stray Dog
Pickin' Petals

Set 30-45 minutes