Kebert Xela

Kebert Xela


Local to Athens, GA, Chris Howe & Doug Saylor use their diverse musical backgrounds to create a style based on rock and electronics that falls somewhere between Mogwai, Radiohead, Sigur Ros, and Battles with a keen pop sensibility. KX performs by live looping multiple instruments during each song.


Kebert Xela was born in November of 2006. Since the birth of the two-faced monster helmed by Chris Howe & Doug Saylor two independently released EPs have exploded from the brain of the monster. Kebert Xela aren't just a band looping abstract loops that loop around your head. Chris and Doug create songs on stage. Starting with a beat or a melody and blasting off into space from there. By the end of each song you're left wondering, "how did they get here from there"? Thus said, Kebert Xela is a band you must see live if you are into changing your life for the better.


November 2006 - EP1
Summer 2007 EP2
Summer 2009? - Infant Earth LP

Set List

January 2009 - present:

Exoskeletal Program Failure
Death of the New Disease
Somewhere's Nowhere

Setup: 20 minutes (2 guys + a lot of equipment)
Set Length: 32 minutes
Breakdown: 5 to 10 minutes with the gracious help from others.