Kechia Jenkins

Kechia Jenkins


Kechia is a refreshment to the Music Industry, with an anointing that is leaving behind a solid imprint. Her latest CD though unique, innovative, convicting and embracing, is merely a freshman's introduction... For indeed, "Eyes have not yet seen, and ears have not yet heard---The Best of KECHIA


This gentle powerhouse who fashions the adopted label as “The Quiet Storm,” has a unique calling, in that it is multi-faceted and targeted for the “least of these...” From behind the scenes in the production seat to the forefronts of the congregation in the pulpit, K.B. Jenkins is without question a vessel used of God. Still celebrating the release of her freshman project (Messianic Music, 2003: “In God’s Own Time,” ) Gospel Recording Artist, Kechia Jenkins proves through the debut dual release of her latest literary accomplishments: “An Epidemic of Singleness,” and “Royal Moments of A King’s Daughter,” (Author House/ RestPress Publishing, April, 2006, ISBN: 1-4259-2674-6 and ISBN: 1-4259-2678-9) that the anointing not only rests upon her music, but her writings as well. Singing since the age of 3, K.B. has graced the stage with several of Gospel Music’s most anointed and uprising psalmists (Stephen Hurd, John Gray, Natalie Wilson, D’atra Hicks, Tony name a few), and has also had the honor of opening for the unforgettable Vickie Winans (for discography visit:

K.B. Jenkins is a graduate of the State University of New Jersey, and is currently in pursuit of her Masters of Divinity. She is the founder/president and executive director of S.O.L.O. 4 Christ c/o The King’s Daughters Ministries, Inc., and Messianic Music, as well as the RestPress Publishing Co. This psalmist/preacher/teacher/songwriter; producer and now acclaimed author, has had the opportunity of serving as an associate minister and worship leader under the leadership and tutelage of the honorable Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr. c/o The Cathedral International of NJ for several years, and is presently a member of The Global Destiny International Center of GA, where she serves under the powerful and dynamic leadership of Bishop Thomas Weeks and Dr. Juanita Bynum-Weeks, III, with a combined membership of over 20,000. K.B. is much sought after as a psalmist and conference speaker with a heart towards God and His people; she is a mighty instrument in His hands, called forth at such a time as this...



Written By: Kechia Jenkins/ RESTPRESS PUBLISHING

The time has come, to draw nigh
to the cross where Christ has died,
The trumpeteer blows,
Yes, the trumpeteer blows,
the trumpeteer blows---
It's Harvest Time,
(Oh, Oh, Oh...) It's Harvest Time,

The time has come to cast down
every sin--- yes every lie,
for every tongue it must confess,
and every knee it will bow down,
before our Savior and Lord,
who's soon to come---
It's Harvest Time,
The Reaper is coming...

It's high time to praise Him,
It's high time to honor Him,
It's high time to worship Him,
He's Jesus Christ, The Lord,
It's Harvest Time...


Kechia's more recent works include her debut Contemporary Gospel CD, "In God's Own Time," which she wrote and co-produced along with the anointed Byron Ravenell (co-author of the new bestselling "Prayer Stations"). She has been featured on New York's own, 98.7 Kiss FM Gospel hour with Nichol Brown, and New Jersey's WIMG 1300 am, as well as several other radio stations in the East and West coasts. She has also opened for the anointed Vickie Winans and the Garden State Choral Chapter's Gospel-fest (featuring Rick Greene) and has ministered alongside some of East Coast's most promising and uprising Gospel Artists (such as Min. Willie Barron, Min. John Gray (Mannagod), Craig Hayes, Seth Nix and Tina Marshall, formerly of Natalie Wilson & S.O.P.).

Set List

Come Fill This Place
Do this in Remembrance of Me
It's Harvest Time

"In The Midst of It All"
"That's Why My Heart is Filled With Praise"
"Thank You Lord..."