Kedro Dinero

Kedro Dinero

 Houston, Texas, USA
BandHip HopR&B

Fly Guys Make Tha World Spin . . Its A Movement . (Special Breed)


Kedro Dinero..17yrs Old (Father)

Born: Kedrick Demond Benford

Raised In the Third Ward (Houston Tx) Area Is Now Trying

To Pursue His Career As A Rapper

He Always Liked Rap Music And Music Videos

Since He Was A Young Boy Coming Up And

Eventually He Felt Comfortable Putting His

Thoughts On Paper And Expressing His

Feelings Through His Music.

Qoute: "I like my music to send a message, basically saying if i rap about something i've never done the people wont feel me"

Quote: "I do it for my homeboy "Moon", he got me serious with rapping and told me dont quit. Ya know, even though he's doing time im shining for the both of us. I do it for my family,fans,whoever supporting my music or can relate to my struggle"


Ride Or Die
Letter To My Son
One Big Room
Swag Surfin Freestyle

Mixtape: Married 2 Mary J Dec.24th