Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival

Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival


Lively and conscious messages intertwined in a harmony of improvisation and soul. The music is the story, we are just the medium.

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Written By: Jamie Hendrickson

its a heavily sedated time
let out a frusterated sigh
just keep starrin' at the little white lines
and maybe find some time to see

its a pretty complicated time
let out a frusterated sigh
when you open up your eyes
find its all inside of you

move to the groove and the pain can be soothed its a powerful medicine


Keef Alfonzo is a friend of the live music taper and welcomes taping at their concerts. Many of the performances from the band have been captured on tape and are in regular rotation amongst fans around the country through the web. No official packaged release from the band exists to date.

Set List

The typical Keef Alfonzo setlist consists approximately of a 70 minute first set and 90 minute second set. These sets are usually about 80-90% original music with quirky, unique, obscure, or crowd favorite covers making up the balance.