Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival
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Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival"

I call it the hippie dance—that twitching, jumping, bopping, flailing, rocking movement that happens when a band like Cape Coral-based Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival takes the stage. It is a curious thing, the hippie dance, something that can’t be taught. Trust me, I’ve tried to learn. It is one of the only kinds of dances that is not about looking good. It’s not about impressing anyone or showing off your moves and coordination. The hippie dance is pure energy release, comparable to the way young children respond to music unconsciously without a concern in their head.

I’ve only really seen the hippie dance a handful of times—it is difficult to find in Southwest Florida. You see, the only time this highly freestyle dance form can truly take place is at shows with a live band; a DJ hidden away in some darkened booth just doesn’t cut it. But when a band creates such an abundance of musical enthusiasm that the room fills up with sound and light-hearted fun, the audience has no choice but to bounce about happily in response. And so the hippie dancing begins.

Made up of drummer Brandon Reese, keyboardist and singer Matt Schueler, bassist and singer Jake O’Connor, and guitarist and singer Jamie Hendrickson, not one of the musicians is over 25 years old. All four are currently working on their Bachelors' degree, and when they’re not busy taking and teaching music lessons, they get together and play every chance they can.

But what they lack in years, they make up for in energy, playing a mix of funk-, rock-, techno-, bluegrass- and jam band-style music that blends elements of the Grateful Dead, Talking Heads, and Phish. The resulting sound is straight up fun, and is clearly helping the band cultivate a loyal following.

Onstage, the boys of Keef Alfonzo definitely rock. They sing, they joke, they occasionally throw in a choreographed move or two, and they seem completely at home in front of an audience that includes old friends and new fans from all over Southwest Florida. But get the guys off stage and they’re still just college kids who like to play music and goof off.

“We just entertain people,” Hendrickson said casually.

With the crowd swelling during the second set and hippie dancers piling up to the stage, Keef Alfonzo and the Groove Revival was doing some serious entertaining. The small dance floor had filled up with barefoot, dread locked, tie dye T-shirt wearing Floridians, and everywhere the hippie dance was being performed with the proper abandon.

“It’s hypnotic,” said friend and fan of the band Tim Whitney, as he nodded along to the rhythm.

“Thanks for spending your time with us,” O’Connor shouted to the grooving crowd as they finished their last song. "We'll see you soon!" - Costal Beat


Keef Alfonzo is a friend of the live music taper and welcomes taping at their concerts. Many of the performances from the band have been captured on tape and are in regular rotation amongst fans around the country through the web. No official packaged release from the band exists to date.


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