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Keegan DeWitt

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF

Nashville, Tennessee, United States | SELF
Band Pop EDM


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""Quiet City: Images of Sorrowful Poetry""

"'Quiet City' is a formal movie, elegantly edited, whose images, both still and moving, are conjoined to a soundtrack that reduces the noise of the city to an evocative background hum, quiet but not silent." - New York TIMES

""Quiet City" Review"

"Late in the film, traffic lights change beneath an elevated highway, and then we cut to a scene of four people dancing in an apartment; the beauty of the first shot -- as carefully composed as an oil painting -- is matched by the inspiration to score the dance not with whatever it is the dancers are hearing but with the atmospheric music written for the film by Keegan DeWitt (another Portland native). It's sheer poetry." - The Oregonian

"Americana UK: 4 Stars"

"Keegan Dewitt is a talented performer and songwriter who could be great and this debut album showcases the talent and highlights the room for maturity into a powerful artist....All the tracks are performed with a gusto and musicianship that seeps through the songs and into your head...This is a stunning debut that will reward repeated listens and grow into a real favourite. Great songs with depth and heart." - Americana UK

"Miles of Music: "It's a Cracker""

"The shuffling country-rock, complete with piano and pedal, makes Keegan Dewitt sound more like an English pub-rocker than a kid from the Pacific Northwest. Dewitt enlisted the help of the North Carolina band Roman Candle who produced, engineered and, most importantly, filled in as his Rumour. North Carolina stalwart Chris Stamey was so impressed by the record that he volunteered to mix it. Dewitt`s debut showcases a talent for hook-filled intimate storytelling set again a rollicking backdrop." - Miles of Music

"Rootstime: 4 Stars"

"The Sparrows belong to that rare group of artists which you encounter once in a decade. All the years which you have lived and all cd's which you have bought were in search of a group like this, one to be a cornerstone in your life and to which you will always return... I could seperate each song and speak to it specifically but it would be tough to put words to them. Who are these people? How old are they? I don't want to know. I just want to listen, listen some more and continue listening." - Rootstime

""Dance Party USA" Review"

"The shots of young people saying nothing, the piano score (by Keegan DeWitt, another onetime Portlander) keeping time with long, hand-held glides through the 'burbs, even the silent montage of fireworks: They herald the first movie of a guy who's seen Last Days..." - Willamette Week


"Thunder Clatter" Daytrotter Barnstormer Tour Exclusive Single

"Two Hearts" Limited Edition 7" via Theory 8 Records

"Nothing Shows" EP via Daytrotter Record Barn

"Islands" LP via Izumi Records

"Cold Weather" film score via IFC Films

"Quiet City film score



Keegan DeWitt is a songwriter and Independent Spirit Award-nominated film composer, originally from Portland, OR, and currently based in Nashville. Last year, labeled him one of its '10 Best Solo Artists of 2010' and featured him as part of its 'Best of What's Next' series. He most recently released an EP, Nothing Shows, via the acclaimed Daytrotter website as its first ever exclusive release, and a limited edition 7", Two Hearts/Reluctance, via Theory 8 Records. Keegan has gained considerable press coverage over the past two years, with coverage from outlets including American Songwriter, AOL Music's Spinner,,, MTVMusic, My Old Kentucky Blog, Nashville Scene, Popmatters, and Urban Outfitters, among others. After wrapping up the much-heralded Daytrotter Barnstormer 4 tour alongside Sondre Lerche, Guards, and The Romany Rye in late April, Keegan will head back out on the road throughout the northeastern US with Jeremy Messersmith in June.

By mid-2011, Keegan will have released three film scores, including the IFC feature film Cold Weather, the SXSW-selection No Matter What, and a collaboration with the heralded writer/director Barry Jenkins (Medicine For Melancholy). He most recently completed a collaboration with the industry-leading cycling website Rapha, composing a suite for their coverage of the Amgen Tour of California.