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Kee kee Ross

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If I had to describe my music in 1 word it would be "Fire". My music is heart felt & driven by my passion, past hurts, mistakes & experiences. It is real, Its Hip Hop w/ a mixture of R&B along with my love for God & the human race. I just want to help & enlighten people through good positive music.


On the day that Nakesha Kee-Kee Ross entered the world, God brought forth a manifestation of what He had already ordained before the worlds were framed by His very word. A powerful anointing was unleashed to the nations. Nakesha “Kee Kee” Ross was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is the third of twelve children born to a single parent household. She is a wife, mother, daughter and sister by nature. By the grace of God, she is a gifted lyricist, author, songwriter, intercessor, evangelist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, actress, media mogul, entertainer and all around trailblazer.
Throughout her life, Kee Kee as she is affectionately called has been known to be an awesome giver. She is never too busy to give of her time, talents, and anointing to any and all in need. The Lord has truly kept her in the midst of many trials and hardships including, poor economic beginnings, personal tragedies, and a host of other setups that the adversary of her soul purposed to cause setback. But to God be the glory for the things He has done!
New Years Eve 2002, Kee Kee was called out of darkness and into the limelight of God’s goodness before the people of God. She was finally blessed to understand the divine plan of El Shaddai to use her brokeness to heal, her bondage to free, and her tears for triumph.
Kee Kee has since ministered to the masses by way of radio, television, the preached word, a mentoring and rites of passage program (G.I.F.T. and Redeemed and Revealed respectively). She is on track to leave an awesome legacy of breaking molds, limits and barriers in the name of Jesus.
To those who are blessed by encountering Christ through Kee Kee the testimony is clear and certain, She is creative, driven, honest, outspoken, ambitious, determined, and daring. She is a risk taker and decision maker who is fearless and faithful to her calling. She will accomplish that which she was sent to do by her motto of No excuses, no copouts! I will fight for my future with a mind set for the mission. Philippians 4:13 I CAN do all things through Christ who strengthens me.


Kee Kee Ross was a part of a duo called Four:13 they released their debut album titled "'Can U Handle it" in April 2006. Hit singles from this album like Can U handle It , Right There and War recieved beautiful airplay. Now Kee kee looks to the future as she will be releasing her debut solo album titled 'Rappers Worship' which will be released March 09.

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2-3 songs (appearance)
3-6 songs (full concert)