Keeley Dodd

Keeley Dodd


Talented singer/songwriter with a unique charismatic style and writing ability that is powerful and relatable.


Born in Toronto, Ontario, Keeley moved to Dallas with her family when she was 15. Keeley wrote her first song at age six, but then proceeded to study ballet, tap, jazz, and modern dance until college. Although singing came later in life for Keeley than most, it was obvious from her first performance at Johnny High Country Revue (where artists Leann Rimes and Steve Holy got their start) that she was born with a great talent for it. The show immediately asked her back for their "Best of the Best" show. Since then, Keeley has not looked back and has performed at numerous venues, including Dallas Cowboys Stadium, LSU stadium, KSCS Fourth of July Festival, Grapevine Opry, Garland Opry and Fort Worth Opry, and has been a guest singer with several local country bands. After singing with a dance band in Dallas for two years, where she performed at many corporate events and weddings, Keeley moved to Nashville so she could focus on writing. Inspired by artists like KT Oslin, Wynonna, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Ashton, and other “ladies with attitude”, Keeley now spends much of her time writing her own material. She recently finished cutting a three side project with Chuck Howard, known for the development of such recording artists as: Leann Rimes (How do I Live, Blue, Coyote Ugly Soundtrack) Trick Pony, John Berry, Hank Williams Jr., etc. Keeley's desire is to glorify God by writing and recording music that will encourage and inspire others.


Love Was

Written By: Keeley Dodd/ Corey Barker

Alone in a world of confusion
Lost in a broken dream
Silently trapped in the shadows of what used to be

I wish this was just an illusion
Cause I'm slowly losing my mind
Further and further I'm sinking I don't understand why

Love was supposed to keep me safe in it's arms
And love was the reason I had peace in my heart
I miss the way that forever washed over me every day was heaven because
Heartache wasn't around and love was

Feel like I'm stripped down to nothing
All my secrets exposed
No one to turn to for healing and nowhere to go

Searching for strength to accept it
Knowing all that I'm living for's gone
Praying to God for the courage to help me move on

Chorus (2x)

Where Are All the Men

Written By: Keeley Dodd/ Chip Martin

We met at church one Sunday
He seemed so great
He asked me out on Monday
Told me he just couldn't wait
But then he picked me up late

Our dinner sure was tasty
Table for two
It could have been romantic
Then he got six calls from Sue
Oh, and he lied about it too

They're so distracted with their girls and their toys
Can't see that women don't want little boys

Been down that road
Looked high and low
Seems like the good ones are taken
I still believe there's someone for me
But I swear my faith has been shaken
I've been a magnet
For guys who don't get it
When will this search ever end
Where are all the men

A friend gave him my number
Said I'd have fun
He's cute and tall and charming
I hoped he might be the one
Boy was I dumb

He told me every detail
About his life
But he forgot to mention
His kids his dog and his wife
But he was charming alright

They love to tell you bout their fortune and fame
You'll find out later it's all part of their game


I see where this is goin'
Boy I don't need the drama
You say you're all grown up now
How come you still live with momma

Yeah, I've been a magnet for guys who don't get it
When will this search ever end
Where are all the men

Boys, just stay at home