KeeLo GrAmZ

KeeLo GrAmZ

BandHip Hop

Fortunes of the Fearless the debut album from KeeLo Gramz. Look out for his singles:HERE YA GO #2 cross Canada, TDOT, LAST CALL(#4) & Somebody Snitched. KeeLo states: " I am attempting to create a sound that will last and be remembered and still be hot 20 years from now"


Lyrically insane, and visually captivating, "KeeLo GrAmZ" evokes an unforgettable presence on and off the stage. His artistic talent and eclectic tastes have made him one of the most unique artists to date.
In April 2004 KeeLo GrAmZ signed a management agreement with BRAG management. By December 2004 BRAG was able to solidify an independent label deal through Dai-Lo Recordings.
Since his signing with Dai-lo Recordings KeeLo’s has performed at all major venues in Toronto and surrounding areas, as well as traveling across Canada to British Columbia to perform at Summer Jam. KeeLo comments that: "The experience you take from doing live shows to being in the studio helps you understand how to touch people’s emotions".
He stumbled into the rap game when he began rhyming with his friends, the hip hop group Night Hoodz. His inspirations come from a variety of music ranging from the dirty south sounds of Project Pat, to the 70’s rock hard stylings of AC/DC. As an artist, he refuses to confine himself to one specific genre of music: "I want to be a cross-over artist, a lot of dudes just do straight rap, and that’s boring to me".
He believes that we are all derivatives of our experiences and attributes the realism of his lyrics to the difficulties in his life.
KeeLo’s experiences have forced him to get to the level he is at today. The competitive and ever changing nature of this business, has forced him to bring his best material and a creative frame of mind at every opportunity. Dai-Lo Recordings and KeeLo made a huge stepping stone in Canadian music by being the first independent record label and artist to be added to Max Trax Digital Music (Nationwide) and hit the #1 position. He is currently working on his debut album "Fortunes of the Fearless," which is slated to be released September 30 2006. He has only scratched the surface of a significant future in the music industry the best is yet to come.