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"Beats and Lyrics Magazine Issue 37"

Tell us about yourself.
My name is Keemo V and I represent my crew “Have(K)Nots.” I was born in Brooklyn, New York and lived in Georgia, and now reside in Tennessee. We came here for the “Beats and Lyrics” concert to perform.

Tell us about your project.
My current project is a 9 track album called “Sedated.” We only did 9 tracks on purpose because each track is considered a cloud. We definitely have more of a chill vibe. Our music will put you in “chill” mode. You can rock it while you are smoking and cruising. In this project, I definitely represented my crew “Have(K)Nots” a little more because we are really trying to make a statement out here and make our mark in the industry.

Who are some of the producers on this project?
We have one producer name Lexy Banks who is from sound click as well as another producer from sound click name Casey Produces. Another producer we worked with is actually one of my friends name Diddy Joe, who is actually singing on some of our songs on this album. We also got Band Play from Nashville, Tennessee. Those are the producers we worked with on this project.

What was the thought process of putting this project together?
I just wanted to be me and realistic and put it all out there. I’m not a drug dealer/killer so I don’t rap about that. I’m just a person that lives life with every day struggles just like anybody else, and that is how the idea of this project came about. The theme for this album came from wanting to escape the haunting of stress that comes from life and wanting to go on to the next place.

What is the main single you are pushing right now?
We are actually trying to come to a decision for that, but so far it seems like the song “Over the Influence” is going to be it. The songs “Great Flow” and “Doing Great Doing Fine” have been in competition as well, but “Over the Influence” has been getting the best responses.

What producers are you interested in working with in the future?
There is a long list of producers that I would like to work with. I definitely want to work with Timbaland and Dr. Dre. Of course, I want to work with all the well-known names in the production field, but I would also like to continue working with Band Play. He is a producer from Nashville, and as I mentioned earlier, one of the producers I worked with on my album. I also would love to work with Kanye West, and put some of a west coast vibe in my future albums. I am pretty much open to working with anyone. I want to come up with all the young generation that is coming up now like Mike Will and Sonny Digitial. To sum it up I want to work with everyone in the game from the legends and the newbies.

If you could collaborate a song with any artists, who would you choose?
It would have to be between Grand Flow, Kendrick Lamar, and Andre 3000. I feel that those artists have the perfect fit to my songs. If they would put their lyrics to any of my songs, I feel that the song would take off and help me step my game up as well. I would want to match myself to their level and work that much harder and challenge me as an artist.

What are your plans for your next project?
For my next project, I will still wave off the “Sedated” album but mix it with a little more hype to wake people up from the sedation. I want it to sound a little more live with more bass, and throw in some of the sounds that people like to listen to when they are out in the clubs. I just want to mix that in a little bit though, because my sound is different and I want to keep it from sounding like everybody else. I still am going to make raw music by incorporating a twist of hip-hop. I don’t have a name for the next project yet, but it will definitely have more tracks and the music will be more live.

Do you have any other plans as for as shows, tours, etc.?
I most definitely do. I want to do South by Southwest, Bonaroo, and BET Cypher. Those are the main things that I definitely want to get into to help boost my career. As far as tours, as of now I just want to open up for anybody like Kendrick Lamar, Drake, TDE, or ASAP Rocky because I feel that I can learn so much for them. Those artists are young like me but already established in the game how I want to be. Those are the kind of artists that I want to associate myself with because they have made an imprint on the game and lasted as long as they have.

Any final words of wisdom?
I can’t give away all my knowledge, but some parting words. Get your knowledge level up and mature your mind. The money, cars, and clothes all comes along once you build your dream and start living it. Have control of your thoughts and constantly recharge your knowledge so no one can play you or throw you around in a loop. Be your own person, and have your own identity. Other than that, I am Keemo V. I am on every site possible, just google me and all my sites will pop up. Follow me and give me a listen, I have more music coming. I also have an artist under me named TC, - The G3 Agency





Tevon Akeem Telfer (Born March 20, 1989), better known by his stage name Keemo V, is an independent American hip hop recording artist from Brooklyn, New York. Keemo V has pioneered a group of young people who seem to share the same hunger for life and its successes, known as Have(K)Nots.
Keemo V was born to Trinidad and Tobago parents in Brooklyn, New York. Keemo V grew up on the streets of Nostrand Ave, raised by his grandmother Neola Scott. At the age of 8 Keemo V moved from Brooklyn, New York down south to Georgia, to live with his mother until the age of 14. Moving from home to home at a very young age, Keemo V at 16 found himself on his own.
While in Georgia he graduated from high school and decided to attend college. During his short stay in college Keemo V decided attending school was not for him and moved to Nashville, Tennessee.
Throughout his life music has always been a huge part of him. Starting with poetry as a way to escape and write down his thoughts and feelings, later taking his poetry and formulated it into music. Realizing later what he was capable of, he started writing more and more eventually turning his poetry into songs. Keemo V refers to his music as "ME-sic", not limiting himself to any certain genre of music; "I do a lot of hip hop and rap, but music is music and I don't believe in types.” So I do ME-sic."
Keemo V’s most recently released project entitled “Sedated” recorded at Omni Studios, includes the hits “Green Flow” and “DGDF”. In his single "Don't Push Me", previously recorded at Music Row Studios downtown Nashville, Tennessee, he lets you hear a glimpse of his talent and what he considers his “ME-sic”. As a young artist Keemo V has many goals and aspirations for his music.
"I just want to go further than I've ever been and continue to climb. I want every day people to hear me, feel my vibes, love my energy, and indulge in my lyrics.”
"I chose to pursue music because I realize how music affects people and instead of holding all my thoughts to myself, I use it as a way to escape, I decided to share because us as people go through the same things and music helps people get through situations and they are able to find an escape as well through my music." -Keemo V