Keenan Date

Keenan Date

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

I am a Country Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter/ and because I am a Guitarist I base my sound and writing off of getting to play, which also makes my band a very instrumental band, like Vince Gill or Brad Paisley. My sound is very dynamic from Country to blues,alt country,jazz,western swing and Rock.


I grew up in a small mountain town in Colorado where I was lucky enough to be born into a country band, so to speak. When I was born my dad had a Country cover band and was making trips to Nashville to pursue a songwriting Career. By the time I was four my dad was teaching me how to play the guitar. He even let me start joining him on stage even though I had no idea what I was doing yet. I would get to stand on stage with him at county fairs and clubs and act like part of the band. So you could say being on stage feels pretty natural for me. I became the lead guitarist of the band when I was ten and also started to sing some songs on stage and learn to write my own. I have too many influences to name, but being a guitarist, my biggest influences were always other guitar players. Vince Gill, Steve Wariner, Brent Mason and Brad Paisley are my favorites. Ever since I can remember; I always planned on moving to Nashville when I was old enough and make a career out of my music. So when I was 18 that's exactly what I did. I moved to Nashville and began to work on my music. Progressing as a writer, singer, and guitarist. I also learned some hard lessons like the music business isn't quite as easy to conquer as a young boy likes to dream it will be, but it is as fun and exciting. Now four years later I'm busy writing and playing shows. I have also been lucky enough to put together an incredible band. Some how I ended up getting a group of friends that all graduated from Berkley School of music at the same time and moved to Nashville together. I also have an awesome mandolin player who happens to be my younger brother and a great musician. Having a band this talented lets us be able to have a very dynamic show and sound that sets us apart from any other bands in Nashville that I know of. We are able to create very dynamic songs that have a technical twist and great instrumentation. Playing with these guys has made me step up my own abilities and push my self on the guitar to be a better player. It's just fun to play with these guys and you can tell that by the way we play live. I strive for great sound and songs that are out of the ordinary. I also just finished my new EP and I am playing showcases in Nashville to gain some interest in record labels, agents and publishers.


Keenan Date EP 2012