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Keepers of the Sun is a classic rock-influenced, indie, rock ‘n’ roll band from Orange County, CA.—

“It’s kinda like a modernized version of The Rolling Stones, minus the drugs, with Deborah Harry singing instead of Mick Jagger…. if Debbie Harry wailed like Janis Joplin. Plus a dash of The Kinks, The Black Keys, Oasis and a bunch of other stuff… sort of. We just call it “splash rock” like a splash of everything we’ve ever heard mixed together—and served in a pewter goblet of epic-ness.” -Amy G.

—The band was established in March of 2010 by Amy Goldenberg, Cameron Allen, Mario Barrios, and Jacob Sheehan, who met each other in the small world of suburban, post high-school garage bands. Amy, Jake and Mario had been playing together in a band called Vinyl Vision but after Amy and Mario began to cultivate a romantic relationship—something blasphemous and specifically “forbidden” by their band leader—the three decided to break away and start their own project. Cameron was introduced as the drummer to be for Vinyl Vision but when the three of them invited him to come along on their separate musical endeavor, he accepted without hesitation. Together, the four created what’s now known as Keepers of the Sun.

After many agreements, disagreements, tantrums, epiphanies, and member entrances and exits, KOTS found their permanent bassist, Riley Brown, who joined the band in May of 2011. After two years of adjustments, KOTS finally felt ready to record a legitimate full-length album, and with the help of their producer Jon O’Brien, they birthed “Creature Comforts” —set to release in September of 2012.

During the course of recording the album, the band experienced some absurdly dramatic and Fleetwood Mac-esque turmoil when Mario and Amy decided to end their two and a half year relationship. After a few months of attempting to continue working together, Mario finally decided to leave the band. His departure led to the addition of guitarist Kyle Butler in late August of 2012.

Keepers of the Sun are currently preparing for the release of their debut album “Creature Comforts”.