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"'Crescent' offers escape"

Living on the edge? Don't know where to go, or what to do to escape the troubles of reality?

Then pick up Keeping Crescent's new rock album "Your Escape EP" and head to the most serene place, where singer/songwriter Sami Khan will diminish those problems.

This album raises questions that students at times may ask themselves, such as: What happens at the end of the road called life? In the song, "'Til the End," listeners think about their own end after hearing lyrics like, "Will you come down/I don't want to be alone again tonight/I'll try to hide the pain inside because it felt so right." Lyrics like these will leave listeners contemplating their place in this life, and wondering about the afterlife.

Other songs on the album, like "Your Escape," reflect lost and dead-end feelings. It reaches out to the girl in her room contemplating suicide, or the boy in jail, or any one else who is feeling down and out.

Still others, like the ballad, "100 Years," reflect on a relationship between two people who leave each other and reflect on the best times of their lives.

This song is emotional because it creates those familiar feelings of change, success and happiness.

Keeping Crescent continues to live by its name because the band's lyrics motivate listeners not to only view the pessimistic side of things, but to keep growing, changing and examining life's unanswered questions.
- The Loyola Maroon

"Rising Rockers"

On stage in front of hundreds of his fellow classmates, former Destrehan High School student Sami Khan performed his original power ballad, “100 Years,” for all of his graduating class to hear.

That was two years ago in May 2007 - the same year that Sami’s band, Keeping Crescent, was born.

“I needed a band to perform my song live before my senior class,” Sami said. “So the search began.”

When he asked family and friends to rehearse and ultimately perform with him, little did any of them know that the performance would give birth to one of the most exciting, original new rock acts in the New Orleans area.

“After the performance, we united into adding more songs into our catalogue,” Sami said. “And after years of hard work and a few member changes, Keeping Crescent is now well on its way to being the next big, regional pop band from the Crescent City.”

Within the span of a year and a half, the band has already played a plethora of shows around Louisiana - including gigs at the legendary Tipitina’s and the Howlin’ Wolf, and recorded at Balance Studios, owned by world-famous producer Dave Fortman. Fortman is best known for his work with mainstream chart toppers like Evanescence and 12 Stones.
The band was also named the “Best Unsigned Band in New Orleans” after Guerrilla Productions’ “Battle of the Bands.”

“Rather than follow any trend or conform to a pre-existing scene, our band allows the varying influences of each of its members to compliment, rather than clash with, each other,” added Sami.

When the band goes to work, Shafin Khan’s melodic guitar leads rip atop Jeremy Deibel’s classic-rock influenced riffs, while David Donnes’ hard-hitting drums push forward Sean Thibodeaux’s pulsing bass lines and intricate keyboard parts.

“And when these elements blend with my vocals and lyrics, it creates a unique sound,” Sami said.

Keeping Crescent classifies their sound as classic ‘90s rock combined with modern pop melodies and all members agree that playing live is one of the best band experiences.

“Performing in front of an audience is like flying,” said Shafin, who along with Deibel also hails from St. Charles Parish. “Especially when it’s a good show and the crowd’s really into it. There is nothing like that feeling of creating a unique soundscape and watching it connect with 500 plus people.”

As a unified whole, the band says that their ultimate goal in the music industry is to use music to move people in the right direction.

“Recently, pop culture and music has steered away from focusing on real goals and real agendas, and focusing more as a business and following the tendency of what brings in sales,” Sami said. “We hope to remind the world that music can still be catchy and listenable, while still maintaining wholesome messages within our lyrics.”

In keeping with that wholesome message, Sami will be the keynote speaker for this year’s St. Charles Parish Young Writers Camp.

Drawing on his extensive experience as a singer and songwriter, Sami’s presentation, entitled “Your Escape,” will educate future writers on the transformation of mood and emotion into meaningful song lyrics.

“My hope is that young people in St. Charles Parish and throughout Louisiana will desire to be musicians, poets and writers,” he said. “To express your thoughts on life, love and family through song is one of the greatest experiences a person can have.”

Keeping Crescent’s first record, also titled “Your Escape,” has even taken the band as far as making a live, televised appearance on WWL’s Eyewitness Morning News with Sally Ann Roberts and Eric Pulsen.

“We want our audience to know that music is our way of helping out, since we feel it’s what we can do best,” Sami said. “We want it known to the rest of the country that the Crescent City is simply overflowing with talent, and should be recognized equally with other entertainment capitals across the United States.”

To hear Keeping Crescent, visit or search for the band on Facebook. will also be launched in August.

- St. Charles Herald Guide


Currently, our first (and only) EP 'Your Escape EP' is on sale. The album was advertised on city-wide television when the band performed on the 'New Orleans Morning Show'. One of our singles, 'Stuck' received considerable airplay on WTUL-FM.



Keeping Crescent is a modern-rock band from New Orleans that defies the typical sounds and limitations of that label. Lead vocalist Sami Khan sings his emotive, intelligent lyrics in a voice that can build from a smooth soulful whisper to impassioned shout and back again. His brother Shafin Khan and Jeremy Deibel put together a twin-guitar attack that mixes classic-rock riffing with the kind of clean, plaintive lines not heard in rock since the heady days of the early ‘90s. Sean Thibodeaux brings both the tuneful, melodic sound of his classically-/jazz-trained piano playing plus the propulsive force of his Fender bass to the fold. And David Donnes keeps it all moving forward with his disciplined, driving drum beats. The band has achieved much since its formation in 2007. They released their EP 'Your Escape' to critical acclaim in 2008, and promoted it live on New Orleans’s influential college radio station WTUL. They followed this with an appearance on the popular morning show at WWL-TV, the local CBS affiliate, and even a recent front-page headline story in their hometown’s St. Charles Herald newspaper. They are as comfortable playing to the devoted crowds at notable New Orleans clubs Tipitina’s and the Howlin’ Wolf as they are playing to an audience of thousands like the one at Tulane’s McAllister Auditorium, where they opened with much acclaim at a talent show with MTV dance troupe Kaba Modern. They even made a special appearance and presentation at a Young Writers’ Camp in their hometown earlier this year, playing to what may be their youngest fans. Concert promoter Gorilla Productions has named Keeping Crescent “Best Unsigned Band” in the city, and they intend to live up to, and beyond, that title.