Keep In Touch

Keep In Touch


Keep In Touch Tommy Hall's solo project is like nothing you have heard before, and stands out solo projects with original songwriting, exciting heartfelt live preformances, and catchy sing-a-longs.


keep in touch is a solo project heavily influenced by not sleeping much. It was started in Spring 06 and has grown tremendously in less than a year. Playing shows with The Scene Aesthetic, Houston Calls, Self Against City, and Quietdrive, Tommy has tasted packed venues as well as the character building empty coffee houses. This acoustic pop provides listeners with a new addiction. With a die hard fanbase and passion to tour the country, Tommy is booking a Summer 07 tour from July 6- Aug 19 and will be in a city near you soon!


Birdcalls EP - Release Spring 2007

Set List

Puppet Show (trust us, its funny)
Cellar Door
Tan Line
Just Like Heaven (Cure Cover)
Bleed A Picture
Its Just Like Taking Off A Band-aid.
Song About Blue Eyes.

Sets are very flexible with easy slot times due to minimal gear!