Keep Out of Reach of Children

Keep Out of Reach of Children


Blistering piano solos melt into catchy riffs to send the audience home with Keep Out of Reach of Children's songs doing laps in their heads.


When Muse, the Whitlams and the Cat Empire were in a tragic bus crash, the only survivor was Keep Out of Reach of Children.

10 years of classical piano training have laid the foundation of KORC's music. With inspiration coming from all genres of music such as the great funk tracks from Dr John, the Neville Brothers and the Meters; the soft rock winners from Alex Lloyd, Newton Faulkner and the Eagles; straight ahead jazz from all the greats; even hints of punk, metal and hard rock influences like Rise Against, Killradio and Red Hot Chili Peppers, the songs of KORC have a distinct flavour of their own.

KORC's sets take the listener through a journey of ideas. From tunes questioning concepts of time and purpose to tracks celebrating newly discovered happiness, there is always an idea to connect with the audience.


The Story

Written By: Dean Kerr

Where to begin with this story I'm in
I'm still living out the end
It's not happy - it's not ever after
But I'd probably do it all again

Your blood red tears
Fall into your wine glass
Spreading your fears
For the world to see

You cry across the city
Why did you go?
From under a spotlight
The whole world can see.

My friends tell me we had many good times
I remember none of them
There's just one night that sticks in my mind
The one I'd rather forget

Get going they say
Get a move on
Its time
To make a man out of you

Here's your rulebook
Here's your diary
And here is
A new pair of shoes.

Now get cracking they say
Into a world that doesn't want you
Survival of the fittest in your sand shoes
But the first test is to walk on water

Keep moving they say
Onward and upward to the future
Which mysteriously matches the past
Circles always were my favourite colour

It's all a Matter of Perception

Written By: Dean Kerr

Train tracks
snake through the sand
it's a low sun
tumbling off the edge of the
his turn to fall down again

But I can see the stars
better at night
I love the view from
this desert

Oh it's your turn once again

Winds blow
Pick up the sand
gets in your eye
but the world
it still turns just the same

Like a Disease

Written By: Dean Kerr

Can you help me get my friend?
Can you show him the way back?
Is there something in this air that he can breath?
That he can breath...

Can you help me get my family?
Can you show them the way back?
Is there something in this air that they can breath?
They can Breath...

Can you help me to return?
Can you show me the way back?
Is there something in this air that I can breath?
I can breath...

Because when I look out my window

I see them Hurry, see them scurry
Through the veins of this town
Spreading enterprise to this country's very toes

Red hearts, red eyes
And a red balance sheet
Doing exactly what they're told

Shadow Skin

Written By: Dean Kerr

Black magic that you spin
to save the world
just take my hand you say
but it just falls right through again

Right through your shadow skin
it falls again

Victim number two
to start your winning streak
but you will always win
when the beast is summoned from within

Within your shadow skin
it's from within

But now I know your name
I've seen your face
you tried to hide from me
but I saw the light right through your eyes

Right through your shadow skin
I saw the light

Your words don't reach me
your eyes can't pierce me
flaming fingers cannot burn
when I'm standing out of

Reach for the stars
let them stab you in the eye
it's time that something pierced those clouds in your head

For once in your life
everything is exactly as it seems

So call me crazy, call me mad
but i'll tell you what I see when I look around
I'm not the only one shaking my head

So turn that finger right around
it's on your watch it all fell down
and I will not take the blame again
I will not take the blame again

Desolate Sea

Written By: Dean Kerr

The captain
Is a dangerous concoction
Is always on his mind

There are none aboard
It's a liability
Few can afford

It is not an option
The life raft
Is what got you here before

I can't see whats coming
You can't see whats been
Stuck here on this vessel
In the Desolate Sea

I'm just a cook here in the galley
Giving you what you need
Your just a deckhand
Scrubbing floors clean

It's no place to be
Out on the Desolate Sea

Three Kings

Written By: Dean Kerr

Three very different kings
from very different worlds
all stand upon their own ground

I leave the room
to fetch them all a glass
when I return they are nowhere to be found

Oh where they go, where they go
where do they go?
I've been waiting my whole life to talk with them
where they go, where they go
where do they go?
they leave me all alone again

And so I took a trip
to see my girl
and tell her about the kings I had seen

She said my boy
I've seen them aswell
I know just who they are, where they've been

On top of tallest stage
under brightest light
those three kings will return

They'll take you far away
just for the night
then safely bring you home


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It's All a Matter of Perception
The Story
Like A Disease
Three Kings
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