Keep Portland Green

Keep Portland Green

 Portland, Oregon, USA

Keep Portland Green plays a unique style of Dancehall Reggae that incorporates many different genres including: Soul, Funk, R&B, Ghettotech, Psychedelic, Hindu, Folk, Reggaeton and more.. Lead singer Queen Bead weaves a tapestry of songs about Love, Politics, and the everyday struggle to survive....


Keep Portland Green is currently working on the release of their first CD "Green Tings", to be released during the spring/summer of 2010. Most of KPG's members have over 20+ years experience in the music industry, and have worked with many local and international artists. Keep Portland Green is the brainchild of Lead Singer Cori Bethune, aka: Queen Bead who's music centers around the Strength of Women, The Goddess, and Empowerment...Our philosophy is the ability to embrace all types of people... Queen Bead is a proud BBW, and she's not afraid to "Tell ya about it!! With her crown of multi-colored dreads, and style, she definitely stands out from the crowd !! KPG's music appeals to fans from the age of 8 to 98, and some of KPG's members have worked with children/schools in the past. KPG has hosted numerous Reggae Showcases in Portland, specifically The Blue Monk, The Mt Tabor Theater, and currently The Local Lounge in Portland OR. where we host a Reggae Showcase called "The Green Scene" twice a month. Most of KPG's members have been around since Bob Marley made Reggae popular in the 70's, and have been "Hooked on Reggae" ever since !! Green seems to be the "catch word" for the millenium, and being "Ore-Greenians" in a highly green state, the bands name definitely fits. The thing that sets KPG apart from other bands of the same genre is that it's fronted by a woman whos proud of who and what she is, and what she represents, the so-called "forgotten" peoples of the world, which is why we volunteer time to worthy causes, and organizations such as Handicapped/Disabled, Size Advocacy, Those who have been "politically disenfranchised", and Haiti/ Earthquake Relief organizations. Keep Portland Green's show is sure to please anyone who loves Old School and/or New School Reggae, KPG takes many diverse subjects and puts them to danceable, funky beats that will leave you wanting more !!


Single: Ganja Salute on Myspace web page:

Set List

Our typical set is 30-45 min, some are covers and most are originals written by Queen Bead.
1. Ganja Salute
2. Barefoot Healer
3. Bush-Laden
4. Singing for the People
5. Zion in a Vision
6. Falling in Love
7. Mama Africa
8. Redemption Song

1. Oh Me Oh My
2. Splashing Dashing
3. Beat Myself
4. No No No
5. No Woman No Cry
6. Full Attention
7. No One Knows