Bloomington, Indiana, USA


Keeps began in the dead of summer, 2010, when Marc Nelson and Josh Ramon (ex members of Theanti) reunited in the village of Foresman, Indiana (population less than 50). On a 16 track recorder with a handful of microphones, heads-full of ideas, and limited instrumentation they recorded two new songs which showcased a more "pop" structure than their work as Theanti (apparently more suited for the likes of Warped Tour, having been handpicked to play founder Kevin Lyman's Kevin Says Stage in 2008).

Deciding to bring in longtime friend/collaborator Eric Parker to thicken the low end on the mostly acoustic tracks snowballed into winter collaborations, and eventually tracking of their debut full-length in Lafayette, Indiana at Sound Logic Studios. Before the album could be finished Keeps found themselves on a Midwest tour with folk-singer Adam Faucett.

Upon returning from tour Nelson and Ramon moved into a motel in Bloomington, IN to continue tracking on their own pro tools rigs. Spending the summer of 2011 recording in the motel and Parker's place in Indianapolis came to fruition with vocal sessions engineered by Shiraz Dada of Maps & Atlases in Chicago, IL.

Keeps is currently demoing new songs for a sophomore release, to be produced by Shiraz Dada (Maps & Atlases) as he expressed interest in producing Keeps from beginning to end after lending a hand with the final stages of No Bridges.


Sonata #2

Written By: Joshua Shane Ramon

what could be better than being at the center
of me you and the moon
it could be summer or at least better weather
but i wouldnt trade you or the moon
simply not sleeping and swallowing the truth
wont change your altitude
i'll be begging god, Please take me back
and leave me there like solid frozen food

we drank and we bathed and we bathed and we drank
and we drank from the very same cup
we loved and we laid and we laid and we drank and we drank from the very same cup
we learned and we laughed and we laughed when we learned that we learned from the very same book
we learned and we left and we left what we learned
and we burned that very same book

with your scissor hands you cut me down
with your scissor tongue
you split my words like atoms on the verge
of breaking down
baby thats just them who cares we sees us peeling skin

all the words that i have lost can be kept and re-caught but someone more prepared for those thoughts
all the hows, thats, and this's of our lousy expensive language that confuses what makes sense of it all
this ode is to death for the ashes of our youth
in the end elephants forget just as much as me, you, and the moon


"We Put the Us In Virus" - single Fall, 2010
No Bridges, LP - 11/11/11

Set List

45 - 60 minute set

[from No Bridges]
Midwest Urn
Sonata #2
It's Hard When It's So Easy
Someone Wanted More
Old Tangled
Arkansas Blackbird


additional material (*indicates a song was originally released as Theanti)

We Put the Us in Virus
People Like to Talk*
What Keeps You Alive Can Kill You*
We Are Ruins*
The Cancer Generation*
Ghost of Mother Nature*
Am Fed, I Mean*