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Our music is drawn from all the influences we had growing up in the 60's 70's and 80's. An eclectic mix of Rock, Blues, Pop, Country, and New Wave. From hard-driving rock n roll to blues and ballads, ours is a very unique sound, unlike most anything else on radio today.


It started off 2 years ago in a Toronto warehouse; a once-a-week get together by a few guys blowing off some steam from the daily grind. But over time, it's blossomed into something special.

Andy, Kerry, Steve and Perry began their weekly jams with the usual array of covers they all grew up playing.
However, Andy kept bringing out new songs, seemingly on a weekly basis. Eventually the boys were hooked, and it was unanimously decided to jam only "Andy's stuff". It was fresh and infectious; a mixture of edgy rock n' roll, rockin' and slow-hand blues, ballads and pop. It was better than anything anyone had heard in many years.

After playing several house parties, the response was overwhelming. Family, friends and strangers were amazed at the unique sound, the quality of the material, and the eclectic mix of styles.

In the spring of 2007, 5-time JUNO AWARD WINNER and GRAMMY NOMINEE, Michael Hanson, formerly of Glass Tiger, heard about the music and came to the warehouse to hear what all the fuss was about. He played guitar on a few of the tunes and was struck by the style and brilliance of the sound. When told they were thinking of recording a demo, he asked to produce it. Keep Six was born !!

As an accomplished musician/singer/songwriter/producer, Michael's creativity and genius is unmistakable! He brought to light Andy's vision with subtlety and nuance at the mixing board, along with a guitar lick here and a tambourine there.

Although every band has its influences, Keep Six has created a sound all it's own. It's early in the journey and the best is yet to come !


Give It To Me

Written By: Andy Salsberg

I didn't throw love, I didn't care
I didn't know that you waited there.
Sometimes it's showin, sometimes I care
I didn't know that you waited there.

If I gave you my love would you give it to me ?

And in a world, by chance or despair
I felt you waiting I needed you there.
I lost my doubt I now see so clear.
I didn't throw love 'til I wanted you there.


This Old Guitar

Written By: Andy Salsberg

If I could really say these words
and not just sing behind this old guitar.

I’d stand up straight, stare in your eyes
and let you know tomorrow’s right.

And time and time again I tried
your tone of voice I heard the cry.

I placed my hands to warm your heart
your soft skin sends my thoughts.

If I could really sing these words
and Willie rode along with his old guitar.

This was then that was today
I made your bed you said you'd play.

You thought your name was in this song,
well you hoped that DJ played along.

Tomorrow night you wait inside
I follow close and wait on love.

You said last night you tried to keep
You burned a candle in your sleep.

One step for me one star for you
the covers, they're made for two.

Everything Was Right

Written By: Andy Salsberg

Well the band took the stage
With his spiders and his rage.
Played that ballad tight
And my baby squeezed my hand.

And everything was right.
Well everything was right.

Before we got in
Our drugs had disappeared
The high had just begun
The girls they called him dear
And Ziggy was his name.

And everything was right.

Well Ziggy left his band
And he tried his other hand
Big brother was his man
And my baby held my hand
And the drugs were good tonight.

And everything was right.

Well Twig was the queen
And we tried to live that scene
Make-up was obscene
And we did some LSD.

And everything was right.
The kid she made us sigh.

And the drugs were good tonight
And everything was right.
And the drugs were good tonight
Back In 75.

Cutting Board

Written By: Andy Salsberg

Walks in the door
Kicks her shoes off - 7B
She hits the switch
Soft lighting fills the floor.

Cincinnati night
The dreams we hold are looking bright
Cincinnati night
Another goes by, you’ll be alright.

Stockings on the floor
The TV guide is the cutting board.
Radio goes on
She lines one up on the cutting board.

Cigarettes taste fine
Good things to come inside.
Now your thoughts are bright
Now you know it’s just the same old line.


Tried to give your heart
Tried to make a start in this Ohio town.
You crash tonight pick your heart up
Pretend it's always down.
Oak leaves turn brown
Another season on the ground.
River rolls around
She thinks she likes this Ohio town.

Cincinnati night you're moving on
in this song.
Cincinnati night you're moving on
in this song.

If I Had It Right

Written By: Andy Salsberg

Well I tried to talk to you
but I didn't know if I had it right.

Well I tried, I tried, I tried.
but I didn't know if it's right.

You talk to me you tell me love will make it right.
But I didn't know.

Well I tried, I tried, I tried.
but I didn't know if it's right.

You tried to walk me through
Help me see your side.
You tried to talk me through
But I didn't know if I had it right.

A State That's True

Written By: Andy Salsberg

Dreams you find at home
You know you're not alone
To see the whole thing through.
Scenes you see again
They take you in
Send postcards to the door.

You're frozen now.
Ceiling opens wide
Light holds you like a stone.
Where have you gone?
You said you'd be along
Mercury has arrived.

Dreams that reappear
Time is near
You're feeling clear.

A child cries
As she drifts by
Eyes are wider than the crescent of the moon.

You want a state that’s true
To feel the way you do
A home where everything has been cleaned.



2007: Keep Six (Produced by 5 time JUNO AWARD WINNER and GRAMMY NOMINEE Michael Hanson of Glass Tiger fame)

Set List

KeepSix has original material to play 3 sets of 45 minutes each. We do not play any cover tunes.

Original Songs include:

Give It To Me Back Seat Rebel
'Til The End Texas Cure
This Old Guitar Cutting Board
Cards Will Decide Ain't Nobody
Blue Parisienne If I Had It Right
Coronet Shuffle This Time
Garden Theatre Perfect Spine
Color Me In Blue Wing Sparrow
Alibi Love Is To Follow
Gina Show Me How You Walk
Celebrity Owned Everything Was Right
A State That's True Crazy 'Bout My Baby
Dream About Me Girl