keep you honest

keep you honest


Ambient Indie Rock combining a British Vibe & an American Aggression - Driving beats, melodic vocals, ambient guitars, and a fuzzed-out bass should ensure you enjoy the ride.


-Write 11 infectious + aggressive Indie-Rock Songs -CHECK
-Self Produce/Record Debut Album -CHECK
-Debut "Lose Control ZOMBIE Music Video" in Nov/10 -CHECK
-Gather 45,000 youtube views to date -CHECK
-Book killer shows and woo record labels - YES PLEASE!

Raw, aggressive, and sweetly melodic - keep you honest’s self-titled debut (Aug/10) is about substance. About being new and fresh, but having the soul of a classic record. About being cool, but rejecting trendy. About songs that you’ll wear out before they wear thin. About the spirit of indie and staying unpolluted. About Me. About You. About Us. You’re Invited.

Based in Toronto, Ontario - keep you honest describes their music as having a “brit-rock vibe with an american aggression.” Influenced by bands such as Billy Talent, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World, and Coldplay - keep you honest started out as a recording project by Luke Adams (vocals, guitar). The end result and the buzz that ensued confirmed the need to take the album live. David Lee (bass), Caleb Arulampalam (guitar) and Damian Hercules (drums) were soon brought on to make this a reality.

With a diverse line-up reflective of their Toronto surroundings, keep you honest is about making music that connects with people and transcends the shallow culture prevalent today . . . about music that will not only make you come back for more, but also leave you with a lasting experience you can call your own.

Now, with a live-show fully honed, keep you honest is inviting you to tune in and watch their story play out. Driving beats, melodic vocals, ambient guitars, and a fuzzed-out bass should ensure you enjoy the ride.


Megan's Song II

Written By: Luke Adams

I wish I knew
The right words to say
If I chose them carefully
Would they mean what I want them to mean
It’s not that I
Have a lot to say
Just want you to know
What we’re fighting for
So take my hand
And we’ll run so far away
And we won’t stop til we find what we’re looking for
(So take my hand
Cause it won’t be too long know
And I promise you that this is just the start)
And I know these days
They have a way
Of escaping in thin air
While we’re left standing here
We never said we would
Settle for mediocrity
That’s why I’m holding you tightly in my arms
These five years
Have quickly passed us by
I know things haven’t been perfect, but we’ve tried

These Words

Written By: Luke Adams

Let us be honest for a while
Let us speak our minds
Pick up the phone and start to dial
I know it’s late, but I’ll pick up
Speak to me in that late-night tone
The one so intimate
And let our words be our own
Right now nothing else exists
It’s just you and I
It’s late tonight, and the streets
outside are dead
But in this time, we’re sharing
our words
We’re whispering our words away
Tell me the little things
The ones that shouldn’t matter
And I’ll hold them close
Cause they couldn’t matter more
It’s late tonight, and the telephone
cord’s wrapped around your fingers
Sharing these words with me
It’s just you and I
Right now in this time
It’s nothing but you and I
And these words
So speak to me
Let’s create our own symphony
Let it play our melody
It’s just you and I

Lose Control

Written By: Luke Adams

You’ve got the key in the car
It’s beginning to rain
You look in the mirror
And quickly turn away
You’ve got your hand on the door
You hear their doubts
It’s getting late to contemplate
An easy way out
You put it into reverse
It’s time to go
Hit the lights, take a breath and
On with the show
Let go of the wheel
Let yourself lose control
Sit back and relax it’s time to
Let the ride go where it takes you
You see the houses fly by
Colored streaks in the rain
Home was a place you trusted once
But never again
You put the car into fourth
You know what you need to do
One last look before you close
your eyes
Until it’s through
You put the gas to the floor
Lock the doors
Clear your mind, stop the flow
It’s time to let go
You step out of the car
And walk away

Meet You There

Written By: Luke Adams

When you asked me if things were fine
And I lied and said they were
And you told me some things
left unsaid
Were the things that could
be heard
You said you knew a place
Where we could meet in time
You said one couldn’t know
the way
But when they needed to,
they’d find
I’ll meet you there
I’ll wait for you tonight
I’ll meet you there
Close your eyes and I’ll
meet you there
I know you saw the hollow look
In my eyes, I’m sure
I know you couldn’t of mistook
The emptiness in my words
So sweetly and softly
Give into sleep now
And I’ll meet you there
It’s not that hard to see
What you and I are waiting for
Just close your eyes and breathe
You’ve felt this once before
There’ll always be another fight
Things so wrong, we can’t
make right
Pain that just won’t go away
And more tears shed for today
But tonight I know a place
Like the warmth of an embrace
Just give into sleep and I’ll meet you there

Let Me Fall

Written By: Luke Adams

What I want to do and what I do
Never end up the same
It’s like I’m just a helpless fool
Playing my own cruel game
And when I think I’ve
got somewhere
That’s when the pressure sets in
I want to be perfect, you know I do
I’m so scared I’ll slip again
You’re telling me to let go
Telling me to trust what I don’t know
Let me fall
Let my body hit the ground
Let me fall
It’s time to be broken now
Let me fall
This is what I need
Let me fall
Just be waiting there for me
I’ve been told to just have faith
Everything will work out
But I’m so scared that I’ll lose faith
Is that what faith’s about
And what I want and what I need
Really are the same
It’s what I end up doing that
I never can explain
I’m getting sick of this ride
You’re telling me to jump and it’ll be alright
I want it so badly
Just to see the end of this
I know I’m the one writing this story
Give me the pen, let me write You in

Out of the Shallows

Written By: Luke Adams

If I said it’s alright
If I said it’s okay
If I asked you tonight
Could we run away
To where there’s nothing
Ever more to fear
Where we can let the waves
Wash away our tears
Not satisfied with
Just looking down in
I need to be where
Our lives begin
Where we can let all
The heartache go
And watch it wash up
On the distant shore
Take me Down
Into the deep with You
Take me down
I’m not happy just staying shallow
So take my hand and
We’ll wade out in
And dive down beneath
The rain and wind
Cause even in the rain
And the wind’s that blow
It’s so tranquil down here
Everything is still


Written By: Luke Adams

I know tonight’s been waiting
for us
I just wish tonight would wait a little more
This has played in my mind a million times
But I still can’t find the words we should say
Tell me you’ll make it home
Tonight, we’ll say goodbye
Kiss one last time
It’s not easy, you leaving
Tonight, we’ll let the rain
Dull the pain
I thought we’d forever
be together
I’m letting go of all that I know
While I watch you fade away in the night
It’s never been about if it’s wrong or right
Or if we should fight, we both know it’s just time
Tell me you’ll make it home
As we whisper our goodbyes
Promise you won’t forget
Cause I won’t forget
And as you fade into the night
Promise you won’t look back
Don’t you dare look back


keep you honest (self-titled 11 song debut album) - November, 2010

Set List

-These Words (4:01)
-Let Me Fall (4:11)
-Out of the Shallows (4:23)
-Meet You There (3:56)
-Lose Control (3:59)
-Megan's Song II (5:03)
-Tonight (4:07)