Keep Your Fork, There's Pie

Keep Your Fork, There's Pie

 Portland, Oregon, USA

We Forkers aspire to play atheist Gospel, unorthodox bluegrass, cheerful blues, sensual boy/girl band a cappella, and Portland emigrant world beat, all mixed up and encrusted with straight butter country. Come listen and know you got paid a king's ransom for 2 hours work as a pie taster.


Keep Your Fork, There's Pie is a Portland-born sextet of multi-
instrumentalists who write and play original music, and also happen to be
pretty good friends. The unusual name (What?! A comma AND an apostrophe?!)
is born of a philosophy: The best is yet to come. This buoyant energy is
evident in the music and can overtake you at a live show.
The music is hard to describe but easy to listen to; influences
range from The Roches to Wilco, Belle and Sebastian to Neil Young, and M.
Ward to MF doom. With six members each singing and playing multiple in-
struments the sound calls to mind early blues, r&b, folk, soul, swing, gypsy
music and more - but with enough pop thrown in to make it fun to listen to.
KYFTP do not take themselves too seriously. Live shows are a smile-inducing, toe-tapping im-
mersion in what we refer to as a Forkestral sound. You may want to literally keep your fork, be-
cause more often than not, there will be pie sharing at intermission. KYFTP has been filling Port-
landers with pie and hope at acoustic venues such as Mississippi Studios, Produce Row, The Woods,
and Mississippi Pizza for 5 years now, while never passing up the opportunity to play unorthodox
venues such as Theatre! Theatre! or the NE Portland Sunday Parkways event.


Cast Iron

Written By: Keep Your Fork, There's Pie

Egg yolk and milky white corona
Sizzlin in Crisco or Canola
Cowboy coffee cornbread aroma cast iron
Warmin beans in early morning
Frying chicken with the bone in
Don’t even ask I don’t do loanin’
I always need my cast iron

I don’t want your fancy newfangled non-stick surfaces
I don’t trust anything slick if you can’t tell me what it is

I’m cookin on my cast iron
Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron

Where else do vegetarian get their iron
When only vegetable they’re desirin
But when it’s pork chops they’re perspirin cookin on my cast iron
Don’t need no soap or heavy scrubbing
My ole time iron just needs some lovin
I’ll get it back with good good grubbin
My good luck rubbin cast iron

I don’t want no Teflon flakin off in my grits
Don’t want Alzheimer’s or to be a Jerry’s kid

I’m cookin on my cast iron
Cast Iron Cast Iron

My children for their heirlooms
Will not receive the family jewels
Just one heavy metal tool cast iron
Cause their grandmama and grandpappy
Cooked up pancakes with tree sappy
And when their son covered the map he only took the cast iron

Cast Iron Cast Iron Cast Iron

Forged in the fires of hell (for us gluttonous sinners)
The reason the angels fell (for heavenly dinners)
Seasoned on the fires of my family tree


Written By: KYFTP

I’m counting the reasons I know you are the one (1234567 this is the truth)
Counting degrees of our freedom (122222million times infinity)
And I want to get to know you better (want to get you know you)
Like a circle round the sun (ooo)
And I want to build our lives together (want to build our lives together)
Weave them together make this homespun (homespun)
Ohoh, homespun (3x)
I’m counting the days I want to spend with you (1234567 days of the week)

Counting the nights I want to lay with you (122222million times infinity)

And I want us to grow together (want us to grow together)

Like the greens in our garden (ooo)

And I want us to feed each other (feed each other)

From everything that we make homespun (homespun)

Oh oh, homespun (3x)


Oh oh, homespun (3x)


Written By: KYFTP

Before the sun could crest the west hills this morning
Vehicle broke down in the middle of an intersection
And there I was pushing
And thinking, "How many other things could go terribly wrong?"
Looking through windshields at the people while they scowl and they honk
Like everything in the world is my fault
Smelled something bitter followed by something sweet
Smoke started pouring out from under my front seat
Didn't seem like an accident that I'd reached an incline
Just as it sunk in I was born a fire sign
I left my wallet behind

I'm leaning into the wind without digging my toes in
I'm used to it (I'm used to it)
I'm dragging my feet behind
My history and my sign
It's a windbreak (It's a windbreak)
It's a snowdrift (It's a snowdrift)
But it's a landmark (It's a landmark)
And I can find my way without it (I can find my way without it)
I can find my way from memory (Find my way from memory)

stuck caught in traffic oh for so long
bus glazed, a distant fight staged
I hem and I haw, what else could go wrong
heart heavy, repeat offense
no boundaries, no fence
fight ahead, door to the side, maybe this just isn't my ride
I shoot the stars to do the math
to answer is this my path
I'd rather sanity than fists of pride
and if i haven’t been exactly clear
maybe this time, bus driver
backdoor, backdoor, backdoor. I’m outta here


You should be doing something better with your time than this,
You really should be doing something good for human kind with this beautiful day.
I hear the voice in my head say.
An accumulation over all the years making form out of ideas and fear’s
Always there it's my touchstone, it's my through line.
But one of these days I'm gonna let it all go
and I'll be in the moment with you, not thinking it through.
You see it's only a snowdrift, it's a landmark, it's a haystack, it's a loan shark, it's a sandune, it's a blue moon, it's something I can define.
Oh yeah, it's mine.


Our first album, Live at Mississippi Studios is available on our myspace page.
Our first studio album, titled Homespun, will be done this spring.

Set List

We can play two solid hours of original KYFTP songs:
Tap Water
Crust Recipe #5
Jamison and Melatonin
Paris, TX.
Body Types and Birthdays
Rocks In My Pockets
What's The Use?
What If?
Born Right
Babies and Papas
Ice Cream Lady
Bleeding Heart
No covers