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Taking her message to the nations with conviction and simplicity, Kee Kee Ross is impacting people through the spoken, preached, prayed, written, and unadulterated word of God. To experience the anointing on her life is to be forever changed by a newfound love 4 Jesus!!!



Passion, principles and power radiate as we journey along our transit into the millennium. The tone of this time in a word, is challenging, chaotic and for some hopeless. Despite all this, the overwhelming emotion emanating from luminary Nakesha Kee-Kee Ross is passion. “I refer to my music as fire”, she proclaims and she is truly hot! Acknowledging the current sense of urgency, coupled with the need for change and transparency as we embrace a New Year, and the “Audacity of Hope”, Kee Kee is blazing, and her energy is intoxicating.

Emerging as the Queen of Holy Hip Hop in the Christian music arena, Kee Kee synergizes the message of The Kingdom with Hip Hop beats and movements coupled with a fluid musical style and flow. Powerfully anointed, Nakesha “Kee Kee” Ross was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA. She is the third of twelve children born to a single parent household. She is a wife, mother, daughter and sister by nature. By the grace of God, she is a gifted lyricist, author, songwriter, intercessor, evangelist, philanthropist, entrepreneur, actress, media mogul, entertainer and all around trailblazer.

In fact, early forecast predict that 2009 will be a banner year for Kee Kee as she has completed both a CD and book entitled, “Voice of My Heart”. In, “Voice of My Heart”, her first self published book, Kee Kee painfully, yet vividly takes you on a journey through her process of becoming whole. She has successfully mapped a methodology plan of artistically dealing with being sexually molested at a young age. Strong faith and love – unconditional love have saved her.

Kee Kee is a voice for our age as she is able to give a face to the devastating phenomena that affects one out of three children in our society. With boldness, courage and real conviction, “Voice of My Heart” is a revelation.

The CD contains “Daddy’s Girl” an anthem to The Heavenly Father. She has dedicated the song to all those who don’t have a Dad. “Enough is Enough” is a song that disallows slacking and feelings of defeat. “At a point you have to put your foot down and proclaim that you will live in the abundance that God has promised – no matter what it looks like”, Kee Kee stated.
“I am actively working to prepare myself for what I know is going to be an avalanche of activity when the world meets Kee Kee”, stated Corin Rushing, manager/CEO of Destiny Management Group.

Kee Kee has ministered to the masses by way of radio, television, the preached word, a mentoring and rites of passage program (G.I.F.T. and Redeemed and Revealed respectively). She is on track to leave an awesome legacy of breaking molds, limits and barrier s in the name of Jesus.

Strong, concise, loving and armed with hope, Kee Kee is a bright and shinning star on the Holy Hip Hop scene.

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Can U Handle It

Written By: NAkesha Kee-Kee Ross , Quiana Smack

Hook- can we get close with out shacken up, can we go on without ya acten up , can we go on with out premarital sex tell me can ya, can ya, can ya Handle it.

Rapper V1- Look I know ya dig me and ya dig my style and ya like the way i stand out in a crowd how my voice is heard with out speaken a word but look i dont think you can handle me see theres more to me than meets the eye see I'm determined to ride no compromise this time see I serve a god he sits high he looks low and hes every where i go see I'm different from the rest expect only the best

Singer Quiana- See I'm not ya average girl I'm heir to the kingdom above the world I'm more precious than rubbies and gems I'm definatley a virteous woman can ya handle it

Repeat Hook

Rapper Kee V2-Nothin more nothin less but can you stand the test of time see this is more than a ryme its a lyfestyle I;m heaven bound cant stop me now back then maybe but now you cant faze me Kee is goin all the way no if and or maybe and I'm married to Christ for the rest of my life so if you wanna get to me ya gotta go through Christ yea thats how I'm playin.

singer Quiana- when a man finds a women he finds a good thing I must submit to the godly vision he brings to love honor and respect what hes given to me some come on come on come on can ya handle it tell me if ya think ya can handle it

Hook repeat

Bridge --Strong ,beautiful, loved wonderful, gracious, virteous you are a women of God

Enough is Enough

Written By: Kee Kee Ross

Enough is Enough, won't see me sittin round here no more.

Enough is Enough , cant play the same games I played before.

Enough is Enough, what good is a dream if I aint persueing gotta make some self improvements hurry up time is movin.

It aint that I'm frontin B my eyes are open (now I see), may be some seperation aint no telling (where the road will lead) can't make no promises Im tired of all these bondages, Im am tired (I'm not perfert) but now I know that I'm worth it.


Kee Kee Ross has had the opportunity to minister across the states. She has shared the spotlight with Tonex, Rapper: Eve, Phyllis "Cola" Lewis of BET, Comedian Derek Lee, Sincere Vessel, Soul Sista’s Juke Joint in Atlanta, Ga., And-1 Mixtape Tour, AKA Sorority, Hip Hop Haven 2006, Canton Jones, IRROC, TWyse and the Philadelphia Eagles A.U.I.C and many more. She has graced the stages of the Apollo Theater, Spirit of Philadelphia, Keswick Theater, P. Diddy's Julian’s, Praise Power 2005, PA Convention Center, Wachovia Center, Tower Records, and many high schools, universities, and churches across the nation.
Her debut album titled “Can U Handle It " was released on April 13, 2007and can be heard on radio stations in PA, NJ, NY, NC, FL, TX and is still reaching the masses worldwide. Kee Kee Ross is attacking the enemy by boldly ministering on topics from real life experiences including pre-marital relations,abuse, self esteem,and redemption. She candidly testifies about her own shortcomings and gives listeners the blueprint for how she made it over. Her story is full of truth, experience and victory. Her music uplifts, encourages and captivates everyone all while exalting the name of Jesus.

Can U Handle It - released 4/13/07

1. Praise Him
2. Changed
3. Right There
4. Love ya
5. Still Standing
6. Arms Stretched (featuring TWyse)
7. Can U Handle It
8. U Found Me
9. New Day
10. WAR
11. Mustardseed
12. Try Christ
13. I Can Do all things (Theme Song)

CD available for purchase at: (localeyez section)
Sound of Market – 11th & Market St, Phila. PA
Dove Enterprises – 11 Chester Pk, Darby PA

Radio Interview & Air Play:
"Right There" & "Can U Handle It":
Power 99FM Sunday Morning Inspirations w/ Don Juan , WUSL 98.9FM (PA, NJ & DE)
Praise 103.9FM, BeBe Winan's /WPPX 103.9FM (PA, DE, MD)
"Streets Are Talking Radio Show WURD-AM 900AM (PA, NJ & DE)
Gospel Vibrations 89.1FM  WFDU (NY, NJ Metro) 
89.1 FMThe Bridge - FM Radio Network  Saturday 11pm - 1am 89.1FM
103.1FM WJUX (NY, NJ)
94.3FM WJUX (Pomona, NY, & parts of Rockland Co.)
99.7FM WJUX (Sullivan County, NY)
89.7FM WRDR (Monmouth, Ocean County, NJ)
88.7FM and 97.9FM "Fitness for Christ" (Atl City, NJ)
Rejoice 94.7fm -Sat 1-3pm (S.C & Ga)
WAPZ 1250-amsun 5-7pm
WTCL- fri 7-9pm (Springfield, IL)
Red Church Radio Fri 5-7pm
Ensound Bronx NY-Fri 4-6pm & Sat 12-2pm
Spirit co 1  Baltimore Friday7-9pm
1400 am (Jacksonville, FL)
Kingdom Music Radio (Internet station)

Current Single from upcoming debut solo project A Rappers Worship
Check out the artist page at and listen for the sinlge to hit airwaves Summer 2008.

Set List

10-15 minute - Kee-Kee & tracks
15-30 minutes - Kee-KeeRoss, background singers & tracks
35 minutes or more - Kee-Kee Ross, background & band
*standard unless specified

Mandatory- 2 microphones for leads
3 microphones for background
2 stage monitors for small venues

Contact MD Wendall Sewell at for amp types & number for shows with band.